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Is Mover Company cost of vehicle Transportation Questions, Answered

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

The need for transporting a vehicle from one place to another can arise at any time. This can be due to work or relocating with family to a new place, or buying or selling a car. Individuals looking for vehicle transport companies must have detailed knowledge about the factors that influence the cost of vehicle transportation to a great extent. This article talks about some of the most important factors that increase or decreases the cost of shipping a car from one place to another. 

What are the general rules?

Usually, shipping companies charge more for transporting larger vehicles compared to the smaller ones. Short-distance trips are less expensive than carrying a car across borders. For faster delivery of the vehicle at the destination, vehicle owners need to pay a premium over the usual charges.

It is essential to consider all factors like size and weight of the vehicle as it will directly influence the cost of transportation. Larger vehicles like SUVs and Pickup trucks will take up significantly more room inside a transport truck compared to a hatchback or sedan.

Larger vehicles tend to take up more space, and hence the shipping charges are quite high. Also, if the car is heavier than normal car transportation cost increases because trucks allowed carrying weights only up to a permissible limit.

What type of vehicle transporter is suitable for long distance deliveries?

Several vehicle transport companies in the market claim to offer short distance as well as cross country delivery options to their customers. Dedicated vehicle transport management companies usually have a widespread network of truckers. Small transport carriers also offer vehicle transporting services but the delivery time is comparatively high.

Hiring a small car transporter for cross country car shipping can be more expensive because they usually operate locally and do not have much-needed experience and resources to complete the shipping operation on time. Customers should always look for dedicated vehicle transporters for long-distance hauls.

At times local vehicle carriers offer to move a vehicle from point A to point B at extremely low prices. In such circumstances, chances are high that the company will not be able to find a trucker to deliver the vehicle and will latter ask their customer to pay more or look for alternatives. This creates a lot of inconveniences, especially if the deposit amount is not refunded. 

On the other hand, dedicated auto transport companies have a massive network of heavy-duty trucks that operate nationwide and carry hundreds of cars at any given point of time. Small transporters usually lack the necessary resources and hence are unable to cater to the needs of their clients. Car owners must understand the importance of quality services for the safety of the car and on-time delivery.

What is the cost of shipping a car from metro cities?

The cost of shipping a car is greatly influenced by the pickup and drop location at the time of scheduling a transport. People living in metropolitan areas have several trucks coming in and out of their city every day. Densely populated areas also have a large number of vehicles which creates new opportunities for truckers to get new assignments. All these factors help in reducing the cost of transporting a car from metro cities.

Similarly transporting a car from a rural area will cost more because the transport company will have very few options in these areas and hence the customer will have to shell out more money. Also, the rule of transporting companies is that the cost of shipping a car will be higher for longer distances; it also takes into account the extra hours of driving for reaching a particular place which increases the overall cost of transporting a car to a specific place.

What can be done if a car needs to be shipped ASAP?

Customers opting for faster delivery of their vehicles have to pay much higher charges than normal delivery. Usually, people looking to ship their vehicles immediately from one place to another do not mind spending a little bit extra.

Vehicle transport companies are capable of transporting hundreds of cars without any delay because they have a dedicated system for managing pickup and delivery times for maximum efficiency. Faster delivery services offered for a premium price because the transporter has put some extra effort to drop the car at the set destination faster than usual. Customers can avoid paying extra by scheduling transport in advance. It also gives them time to compare rates between different transport companies and choose the right one.

What are the differences in the cost of transporting a vehicle during the summers and winters?

It is observed that the cost of shipping a vehicle during the summertime increases because of the route. Transport companies charge a premium during the hotter months for delivering vehicles in urban locations. It is primarily because the roads congested than usual with travellers. 

During the winter the cost is relatively low because the demand for vehicle transport drops significantly, transport companies offer special discounts to attract customers. Car owners must always choose enclosed trailers while shifting their cars from one place to another during the harsh weather.

What is the ideal choice of a trailer for transporting different kinds of cars?

Open transport trailers are much cheaper to hire, but the car is exposed to the elements of weather and pollution. Some of the classic cars and high-end luxury cars are usually transported in closed containers to keep them protected against the elements of weather like sun, rain, wind, etc. 

What are special offers and discounts for retired personnel’s?

Professional transport delivery services keep their customers updated with all the details related to pickup and drop off of the vehicle at the set a destination. Customers receive round-the-clock notifications of vehicle handling and transport. Special discounts are available for retired military personnel with additional transportation insurance to cover any damages caused during transport of the vehicle from one duty station to another.

 Offer Rental Car Relocation?

Many people believe that operating and managing a large fleet of rental cars is quite an easy task unless they learn about the process of fleet relocation. In most cases, it is found that the cars end up in the wrong places and increase the running expenses. Most important factors of moving vehicles from one place to another are that the cars going to sit idle at airports or parking at the destination for which the operator will have to pay rents.

Operators must have a clear idea of where the fleet should go to ensure maximum return on their investment. Transporting a fleet of cars from one place to another is quite an expensive task. Car rental companies usually have four viable options to choose from when it comes to fleet relocation hiring vehicle transport companies, appointing the implies for moving one car at a time too busier locations, hiring freelance drivers, or moving the car with the help of renters. Operators must always be careful with evaluating the available options to avoid overspending in the process of moving cars from one place to another.

The need for fleet relocation

Rental card operators usually need to relocate their fleet from one branch to another based on the requirement. The cars are mostly rented at metro cities and airports and returned to the smaller branches in remote areas where the demand is significantly low. Operators always try to keep a large portion of their fleet at high demand locations frequently to keep up with the bookings. Managing and coordinating the fleet based on availability is one of the most challenging aspects of running a car rental company.

There can be multiple reasons for locating a fleet, many times, newly acquired cars need to be sent to high demand locations so that they can generate the highest returns on investment. Branches located in rural or low demand areas witness a sudden surge in demand which requires expansion of the fleet to keep up with the demand. Operators always keep an eye on the demands to avoid losing a valuable customer to the competitors. 

Purpose of car manufacturers in rental car relocation

Manufacturers offer you attractive buyback schemes to fleet operators when they purchase their cars. It might appear that the manufacturer is affecting their profit for bulk sale, but in reality, it serves as an extremely effective marketing strategy. People often get impressed with the drivability and comfort of specific models of a rental car and eventually end up buying a similar car for their personal use. Since operators purchase bulk volumes of cars at one time, it gives the manufacturer is an opportunity to increase the sales of a specific model.

When rental car companies purchase new fleet cars from manufacturers, they are usually dependent upon the manufacturer’s vehicle transporters transporting the new cars to specific branches. Some manufacturers have tie-ups with car shipping companies for delivering new fleets to preferred locations.

Fleet replacement timeline

Studies have found that a majority of car rental companies operate their vehicles for around two years. It might seem like a lot for commercial vehicles, but it must be kept in mind that cars operating in and around metro cities spend more time on the road and while others are retired from the fleet due to maintenance issues. Every operator has a specific mileage gap beyond which the vehicles are not allowed to run. This is done to ensure the smooth running of the car during its useful lifespan. Some vehicles hit the age limit with lesser miles on the clock. Specific models of cars are retired from the slit to be sold in the used car market for their high demand. 

Some of the biggest fleet operators in the industry purchase around 2 million vehicles per year and renew a large portion of their inventory once a year. This provides a lot of opportunities for vehicle shipping companies to operate around the year across different states in the country. 

Fleet relocation options

The shipping requirements of rental car operators vary depending upon the location of their branch and state of the inventory. Several factors affect fleet relocation of rental car companies, and in the following section of this article, some of the essential factors have been discussed.

Appointing employees for moving the cars

Car rental companies usually assign their drivers for moving cars to a new destination, if the distance is small. Employees with a valid license are assigned the task of moving vehicles from one branch to another. The biggest advantage of this method is that the drivers are paid for their service and also they understand the importance of sincere driving and delivering the vehicles on time at the desired location. Drivers associated with rental car companies know about the effort that goes behind managing a fleet and hence take necessary -care to deliver the cars safely at the branch. However, this option is not suitable for bulk relocation of rental cars as if because if the employees are on leave it becomes quite difficult to manage the entire process.

Hiring licensed freelance drivers

A large number of licensed freelance drivers are available on in the market in that offer to drive trucks and cars from one city to another on a freelance basis. Some even repeatedly work for rental companies and had a much cheaper option for fleet relocation. The only disadvantage of this method is that drivers are not available regularly and hence operators find it difficult to hire drivers when they need it.

Working in cooperation with card shipping companies

Vehicle shipping companies are a much reliable option compared to freelance drivers because they have the necessary knowledge and experience of relocating the number of vehicles at the same time with essential preventive measures. The truckers are licensed and verified by the company; vehicle shipping companies ensure complete safety of the vehicles and provide an attractive discount for bulk. Most importantly, the vehicles do not suffer any damages or were, and you reach the set location safely. The only advantage is the expensive cost of hiring up the Vehicle transporting company is quite high even after a bulk discount.

Partnering with vehicle transport companies can be beneficial, but operators must understand their requirements and act accordingly. Long term contract with vehicle shipping companies helps in reducing the stress of frequent fleet relocation, as a sent company thanks all the responsibilities on behalf of the operators to safely deliver the car at the specified branch.


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