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How to Ship Your Car Across Country?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

How to Ship Your Car Across Country? Let us plan for it in details

There are a few options of ship car across country, from hiring a driver or driving it yourself, or shipping it by train or truck. The most common option, due to time and cost savings, is to ship it by truck. But with many auto shipping options, how can you be sure of choosing the best option?

Choosing a car transport service

Auto transport carriers have open haul trucks and enclosed semi-trucks that pick up cars as they drive across the country, in the same way, that automakers ship their vehicles to their dealerships. There are two types of car transport services offered: car shipping brokers or vehicle shipping through an online matchmaking system. Online systems allow you to post your own transportation request and connect directly with drivers to set up your own transportation. The broker handles all the details for you - contacting the driver, arranging a schedule, coordinating the shipment, ensuring delivery is on time, and so on. Before you ship your car, there are details you should research to help you select the best auto transport service for your vehicle.

Not all shipping services are trustworthy, so looking for trustworthy qualities in your auto transporter options can help eliminate certain unreliable companies. Your car is a very valuable possession and using less trustworthy companies to save yourself a little money will not be worth it if something happens to your vehicle. Simply researching the companies you are debating with which to choose, along with looking at their insurance policies, can help you ensure that your car ends up in reliable hands. A good way to verify that a company is legitimate is with online reviews. Quality recommendations and good ratings from other people who have shipped their vehicles are an excellent way to verify a company's credibility.

So how much will it cost to ship your car? There are several factors that impact the price of the shipping service, from the shipping distance or location to the size of the vehicle or if there are any special requests, etc. Once you have narrowed down your options to a few that are reliable, it is important to request a share of the cost of shipping from each of the carriers. With these quotes, you can see which company offers you the best price.

Tips to facilitate vehicle shipping

There are several benefits to using a car transport service, an important one is being able to save time for the car owner. Whether you have a student moving across the country, you're a member of the military and you're moving your family, or you're relocating for your company job, a car transportation service can always help alleviate some stress. that comes from having to move. These services can help cater your shipment to your situation and help you make it as easy as possible!

Before your car is collected, you want to ensure that it is as prepared as possible for shipment. It is recommended to avoid leaving certain valuables or heavy luggage in your car during the shipping process. By following these tips, you can help limit the risk of theft and keep your car safe, especially if you are in open truck transport, as long as your car is shipped across the country.

The last step in preparing your shipment is organizing your move. If you use an online shipping service without a carrier, you will need to plan a bit more of the details yourself. If you use a broker, they will make sure to coordinate your needs with the driver's schedule to meet those needs. Always allow a little extra time in your shipping plan in case there is unanticipated traffic or other types of delays.

Step 2: Shipping

Car Shipments

During the shipping stage, your vehicle transport company must take care of the entire transport logistics process. They will organize who picks up your vehicle, keep track of your vehicle's location, and provide any important updates for you.

What to expect during auto transport shipment

Once you have your reservation, what can you expect during your auto transport shipment? Depending on the company you have chosen, they will be able to provide updates on your car's location, any delays, etc. Your shipment will be one of two types: terminal to terminal or door to door. If your shipment is from one terminal to another, you will leave your vehicle at a predetermined shipping terminal and you will have to pick it up at the terminal closest to your destination.

If your shipment is door-to-door, the driver will pick up the car at your preferred location and drop it off at the destination you want.

There are also auto shipping myths that can cut your expectations for the shipping process. Your vehicle carrier must ensure expert communication, protection, and accuracy during the process. They will provide the best information, updates and adjustments when needed, whether you are transporting your vehicle for the winter and need to plan around a snowstorm, or trying to transport your motorcycle to its new home before you go on a trip with your family and close the doors of your house. It is important to maintain contact with the driver of your vehicle, and a broker can help ensure that your driver provides updates and keeps his car safe.

Tips for the car shipping process

While a broker will work hard to ensure a smooth delivery process, it is important to prepare your vehicle as much as possible prior to shipment. A must for a smooth process is coordinating your vehicle shipment with your moving plans or delivery needs. If any of your shipping plans are altered, adjusting the other accordingly is key.

If you are shipping an older vehicle, an enclosed truck will be an excellent option for extra protection from the weather and debris, and trucks without stacking are a good option to prevent oil from leaking from another vehicle. In fact, closed car transport can be excellent for protecting any type of vehicle.

Step 3: Delivery

Car Delivery

The last step of the process is the delivery of your vehicle! The delivery of the car shipment varies depending on the type of delivery you have chosen (terminal or door). There may also be delivery specifications, such as whether the vehicle will be delivered to an individual or the key will be left in a secure location, etc.

By using a transportation company like RCC Auto Transport, you will be able to choose from a variety of payment methods and pay for shipping in a way that is easiest for you. This is the easiest step to prepare, and we aim to make it as easy as possible for you. Once your vehicle is in your hands, you can drive it until sunset!

RCC Auto Transport is ready to guide you through your vehicle shipment. Get your quote and start today!


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