We offer a wide range of Vintage and Classic Car Transport Service.

Our structure allows us to offer ourselves as the only functional operator to contract your vehicle's transfer, organize the collection, and manage the shipping documentation. We can take care of the transfer in almost any state. Our company offers a transport service for this type of vehicle from door to door without intermediaries.

Why Classic Car Shipping with RCC Auto Transport?

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From RCC Auto Transport, we will keep you informed at all times to guarantee your absolute peace of mind during the process. Before picking up your vehicle, we will verify availability with you and, subsequently, your car can be picked up and delivered at any time within the period indicated during the hiring.

Our staff will contact you using the telephone number indicated for collection and will verify availability and accessibility. Subsequently, within the period stated in your contract, our driver will contact you again to notify you of the group. The same process will be carried out when the vehicle is delivered to the destination point.

We carry out the transport of vintage cars with all the guarantees. From the moment your vehicle is guarded/loaded by our operator, our policy covers any damage caused during the service's development.

WhyClassic Cars Carrier
with RCC Auto Transport?

  • Security During the collection, transfer, and delivery, we protect the car with specific security measures to keep it in perfect condition.
  • Fast, Quality, and Efficient Transport The transfer is done from door to door with the assurance that you get it just as you left it.
  • Documentation in order Leave the legal procedures and necessary documentation in the hands of professionals.
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