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How to find Trusted Auto Transportation Company

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

In the car transport industry, there are hundreds of transport companies competing and advertising themselves everywhere. When trying to choose a reliable car transport company, it can get confusing and challenging to know where to start. Here are some ways that will help you find a reputable car transport company that fits your needs.

They Provide Car Transport Advice

The best way to find experts is to talk to an expert. If you are confused and have no idea how to find a car transporter, many transporters will get an idea. Many companies are happy to help you figure out your needs. If, while talking to a representative, you feel like they are reading through a script, then they are. Always proceed with caution.

Customer service representatives are more than capable of answering your simple questions. If they are unable to do so, they make sure they find out the answer for you. Better customer service ensures more customers, so the companies do keep customer satisfaction in mind. Common questions that are asked include:

No Overselling, Not Underselling

If you want to know which auto transport companies you need to avoid, you should start looking for a car transporter at least three weeks before your decided shipping date. The entire process beginning from doing your research to booking, and finally, shipping is likely to take around a month or more. Try to get shipping quotes from multiple companies and avoid shipping companies that try to compel you to make a shipping decision immediately. If a seller is trying super hard to sell, consider it as a red signal.

The companies that give you too high quotes or too low quotes are not very reliable. A reliable shipping company will always present a competitive quote to you according to your shipping requirements, the vehicle in use, and the current market rates. Study these factors, and choose the quote that looks reliable to you.

Shipping companies charging very less money may end up delaying your shipping date by an unbelievably long period, which is very evidently not something you would be okay with. A good car shipping company will always be very straightforward about the shipping charges and the quote it makes. Firm pricing that cannot be negotiated indicates reliable shipping services.

Multiple types of car shipping to choose from

Since shipping a car involves choosing an option suitable for the customer, a proper shipping company must provide a wide range of choices for its customers. Even though open transportation is the most common choice, yet the seller has to competent and efficient enough to offer varied options. If you are shipping a car that you use daily, you can quickly go for open car transportation. But, is you are shipping a classic, you need to make a well-calculated choice. A shipping company that offers both open and enclosed transportation options can be considered to be reliable and efficient.

Another factor to look out for is the inventory of the shipping company. If the company has a large pool of different carriers, you can rely on them for long-distance shipping. The issue with small companies is that even though they may be eager to provide you with the required services, their inventory may not be efficient enough to pull through the task successfully.

Instant quotes during the consultation

Good shipping companies are always willing to offer you quotes for free. You need to get a quote from every company that you have shortlisted because there is a strong chance that the prices will vary. A good shipping company, before giving you a quote, will study several factors like the make and model of the vehicle, the distance to be covered, the pick-up and drop-off addresses, the current condition of the car, and the type of transport you want to use.

If any shipping company gives you a quote without raising queries about the factors mentioned above, it is better that you do not rely on them. Also, check whether the company is asking for payment via wire transfer. IF they are, try avoiding them because small companies take your money and then disappear. A reliable company will charge you after they dispatch the carrier to deliver your order.

Company Registration

The last thing you can do to determine whether a company is reliable or not is to check the company’s registration through FMCSA. A registered and dependable company will have an updated MC docket number and a USDOT number. Many companies also provide these numbers on their websites, which is a good sign

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