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What Happens When you need to Ship a Classic Car That Does Not Run?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

It can be expensive and complex to ship a classic car that doesn't run. It is common to have problems shipping a classic car that does not run. It is not uncommon for classic cars to still be originals and need a tune-up, or be under restoration, or be a project waiting to be finished.

When it comes to shipping a classic car that doesn't run, what can you expect?

Find the right auto shipping company for your non-running vehicle by understanding the process of classic car transport.

My Classic automobile rolls, brakes, and steers but doesn't move.

Your vehicle's running status is one of the first questions auto transport companies ask. In the case of a no answer, they will often ask, does the vehicle roll, brake, and steer? It is generally possible to ship an open or enclosed vintage car with any transport company if it rolls, brakes, and steers. Multiple companies will add a non-run to the cost of shipping vehicles, a few hundred dollars, for the extra work of shipping vehicles.

If your classic car does not brake, roll, and steer, it complicates shipping it a little more.

My classic car does not roll and steer.

Your classic car is essentially immovable if it cannot roll and maneuver. Your classic will probably need the equipment transported in open and enclosed carriers. The vehicle will need to be fixed, or you'll need to ship it using a flatbed/tow truck firm with winches to pull the vehicle up its ramp and onto the trailer. Your car can suffer more damage as a result.

My classic car does not roll and steer

Ship Classic Car- How can you?

The driver must be an expert and utilize other high-end methods to load a non-running antique car onto the truck or car carrier because you cannot drive one onto either. The different loading criteria will depend on the kind of carrier you choose to ship your historic stationary car. There are two choices:

  • Enclosed auto transport: your car will be loaded utilizing a lift gate onto an enclosed carrier in this form of car lifting. The lift gate is your best bet for loading your priceless car because it prevents it from moving around while being loaded. As a result, the vehicle has a remote probability of being damaged. A lift gate shields the broken car from additional harm. Additionally, the auto is protected from weather, filth, and dust with this auto shipping technique.
  • Open Auto Transport: is the alternative. The carrier firm loads the car using this technique, which involves a winch. There are several different kinds of winches, including manual and hand-cranked winches. The loader pulls the car onto the carrier using a chain. This loading is dangerous for expensive and vintage cars because there is a significant risk of harm to the vehicle. It's. Additionally, it's crucial to remember that since it is a viable form of transportation, your car cannot be shielded from filth and dust.

Shipping a non-running classic car

Most businesses know that many vintage automobiles are sent to restoration facilities for maintenance or repairs, but shipping a running vehicle will help you save money and provide you with more options for the auto transport company you choose. They maintain a more controlled and efficient delivery process. There can be a minor cost if the historic car doesn't run but rolls, brakes, and steers. The shipment process will be significantly hampered if the vehicle cannot roll, brake, or steer.

Open Auto Transport

Most companies understand that many classic cars are shipped to restoration shops to be worked on or repaired, but having the vehicle run will help you save money and keep your options open regarding the type of auto transport company you can ship with. They are making the shipping process more manageable and smoother. It may be a small fee if the vintage car does not run but rolls, brakes, and steers. The shipping process will be significantly complicated if the vehicle does not roll, brake, or steer.


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