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What Is Military Car Shipping?

A military transport of cars is a particular service for military personnel, retired and active. You will receive your PCS-related orders with a brief notice. The military car shipping company you select will do all it can to ensure your military car shipping experience is easy. The transporter will collect the vehicle and bring it closest to where you live as possible.

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How Our Military Vehicle Shipping Services Work?

👉Secure and quick military-friendly auto transport in three easy steps

1. Get a price and reserve your purchase Get a free instant quote calculator available on our site to determine the cost of your military car shipping. It takes only a few just a few minutes, and before you know that you've done this, you'll be able to estimate what the price of shipping your vehicle. Input the city of pickup and state the city of delivery and state, the year of the vehicle model and make and condition of the vehicle, transportation type, and then your first delivery date (this is the date that the car will be ready for pickup).

You can also contact us via phone or email or use Live Chat to contact our PCS Military Vehicle Shipping experts.

The quote for shipping a military vehicle that you receive is entirely inclusive. We promise that there won't be any additional costs. After you receive a quote, there is no obligation to purchase. The service we offer for military auto transport is door-to-door, subject to base restrictions.

If you're not satisfied with the cost, contact us now, and we'll try our best to create an even more competitive price. We'll try to beat the price if you've found an even better military car transportation cost from a direct military car shipping company.

Click on the link inside the email at the time you're ready to make your reservation. You can also book an army car transport via phone (877) 873-5512 or by sending an email, or by using Live Chat. It's worth contacting us as you could be eligible for our discounts on military car transportation.

Once you've decided that you're ready to finalize the booking, we begin searching our extensive database of reliable, fully insured, and vetted military car transporters. There's a chance to find one that can meet your requirements. We'll contact you to confirm your pickup time and let us know what's coming next in shipping military vehicles. We'll also provide the carrier's information via email.

If you've selected a discounted cash price, We'll accept a part payment now using either your debit or credit card. The balance is due when the transporter delivers the vehicle to you in cash, cashier's checks, or money payment. We'll require the total amount to ensure your space on the trailer if you've selected the regular price.

The Military Car Shipping program operates similarly to our other auto transportation services. However, there are some minor distinctions. When you book your flight, inform the shipping representative that you're a military participant so that we can take advantage of the discount. If you're shipping a vehicle to or from a military station, you must meet outside the base with the military car shipping company.

Having all the necessary documents in order and current will make your military relocation less stressful. You will need the following: 1. Travel voucher: DD 1351-2 2. Application for DITY Move and Counseling Checklist: DD 2278 3. A copy of your PCS travel orders 4. 2 x certified weight tickets: one is for the gross/full wright and one is for the empty/tare weight 5. A copy of your paid rental agreement 6. A copy of your vehicle registration if you’re using POV/boat/trailer OPE: Common Operating Personal Expenses

You can transport up to 100lbs of personal belongings in the cargo area or trunk of the vehicle that is being shipped. You must put the items in one suitcase or box. If your vehicle is being transported to or from Hawaii and you are shipping to Hawaii, you can't carry personal items in the vehicle. It is also essential to note that cargo insurance doesn't protect personal belongings.

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