A change of address can be an opportunity to start a new life. Whether for a professional reason (a new position, a transfer, a temporary mission) or for a new event (birth of a child, access to the property), a move generates major changes and therefore requires careful organization.

Why RCC Auto Transport for
Professional Automobile Relocation Services?

Car Battery is Fully Charged

Vehicle's Alarm System

Check that your fuel tank

Vehicle Serviced

Correct Coolant or Antifreeze

Pre-Delivery and Pickup

Registration Card

Valuables Before Shipment

Leave at Home

Things to be Considered Before you Choose for Vehicle Relocation Service

  • Give your vehicle a good wash regardless of whether your car will be shipped in an open trailer. This is important when you notice any cracks, dents, or cosmetic damage to the moving company.
  • You should remove all personal belongings from your vehicle especially cash and valuables like prescription glasses and sunglasses.
  • Deactivate the vehicle's alarm system.
  • Save money by not feeding; Moving companies charge per pound so if possible, keep fuel in your tank as little as possible.
  • Remove all bells and whistles from the exterior of your vehicle (for example, fog lights, spoilers, and antennas).
  • Fold your driver and passenger mirrors.
  • If you are shipping a convertible, make sure the top is in place and secure. You can also seal holes and seams to prevent moisture from entering and causing damage.
  • Check your battery levels, tire pressure, and recharge fluids.
  • Be sure to notify the moving company if there are any fluid leaks.
  • The most important step! Create a detailed report of any existing damage to your vehicle and document the damage and the current state of your care with photos. Review the report with your moving company.
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