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Keeping in mind that shipping a car depends on multiple factors, you can expect an estimate that could vary from $500 to $1,500 depending on the distance between from the and to-locations. If you are doing it internationally, the costs are going to go way up as compared to the estimation given above. The size of your vehicle will also determine your shipping costs. Let’s delve deeper into the whereabouts shipping a car!

How can you calculate the cost of shipping a car on a per-mile basis?

If you are trying to get a nearly perfect estimate of how much cost your car shipping would involve, then the primary way to do so would be to multiply the distance of your car with the approximate cost per mile. You will now be able to keep a proper budget aside for the shipping purposes. If you want further details about the average costs, you can refer to the car shipping rate calculator metrics mentioned below:

  1. Shipping cost for 500 miles-

The average cost to ship a car per mile is $1.00. Hence, if it is 500 miles, your cost will be $500.

  • Shipping cost for 1,000 miles-

The average cost to ship a car per mile is $0.75. Hence, if it is 1,000 miles, your cost will be $750.

  • Shipping cost for 2,000 miles-

The average cost to ship a car per mile is $0.50. Hence, if it is 2,000 miles, your cost will be $1,000.

  • Shipping cost cross-country shipment-

The average cost to ship a car per mile is $0.40. Hence, if it is 3,250 miles, your cost will be $1,300.

What is the process of Shipping a Car?

To determine how you can ship your car, you need to answer a few questions first.

  1. What is your preference in car delivery?

To determine the costs of shipping your car, you must know that there are two drop-off/pick-up methods that have an impact on your shipping costs. The terminal-to-terminal car shipping will cost you lesser as compared to door-to-door service.

You have to choose an auto transport carrier when shipping your car. There are two types in this regard. One would be open car transportation and the other is enclosed car transportation. There are several people who go for open car transport carriers owing to the discounted prices and more flexibility in shipping dates. But the downside to this is that your car is exposed to damage from debris. If you are shipping a classic/ vintage car that is very expensive, you will want to go with the enclosed car transportation option. This will increase your costs, but it will be a safe option.

  • What quote suits you best?

When you look at the car shipping quotes given to you, there are quite a few factors that you need to consider. Know well whether your insurance is primary or secondary, and check if the insurance will cover the charges of repair from damage caused during shipping. Keep the written copies of all the insurance-related documents handy. If you are shipping your car to a long distance, you need to know how the fees are determined. Also, find out whether there is refund policy in case of delayed delivery.            

  • How early can you schedule shipping your car?

The earlier you schedule your shipping, the more flexible the process will be for you. You will get enough time to wait for the suitable carrier at the best price for shipping your car. Make sure to go through quite a few companies and their shipping rates because rates vary from company to company. Choose the one that is most convenient for you both in terms of costs and in terms of shipping policy. Companies may charge you more during the peak months. So, keep the peak months and the costs in mind while you decide the time for your car shipping. If you want your vehicle sooner, you may have to pay more. But, if you are okay with your car arriving on any day from the day it leaves the source location, then your costs may go down. If there is a specific date on which you would like to pick up your vehicle, your company may store your vehicle in their facilities in exchange for an added cost.

  • How to prepare your car for shipping?

You will have to pay fines to the Department of Transportation if they find any personal items on the truck. To save yourself from paying that fine, you need to keep your car empty and clean. It is recommended that you take a few pictures of your car from all angles possible before your car leaves for shipping so that in case some damage occurs during shipping, you can show proof of damage to claim insurance.

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