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Through nearly two decades, RCC has worked its way up to become one of the largest and best auto transport companies in the USA.

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How We Different From Other Auto
Transport Company?
The leader in the Auto Transport Carrier

A leader in the vehicle transport sector of any type: cars, motorcycles, heavy vehicles, etc. We innovate by betting on the latest technological advances, maintaining a close and personalized service tailored to our clients.

Best Fleet Management System

We maintain own fleet of cranes and car carriers. Our trucks have the latest technology in real-time geolocation, making this possible, knowing at all times the exact location of our vehicles and merchandise.

Top-Rated Company

Our business philosophy is based on offering a high standard of service in each operation, which guarantees total satisfaction. You can see our review on a different channel like Google my Business, Facebook, Trustpilot, and other places.

Economical Tailor-Made Solution

We think that the main thing when providing a tailor-made solution is to adjust its price, minimizing the economic burden to be passed on to our clients, obtaining for them a fair price for a quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions
You can request estimates to send any type of cargo, regardless of its size or weight. You can make shipments across the country and internationally.
We are not mediators; we have our own vehicles and work with our network provider, so you will get quotes from RCC Auto Transport.
Before you pay, always check the review on social media, Google business and another reliable platform so you get more confidence.
Only for transport within the United States is allowed the shipment of items inside the car. The rule of thumb for storing things in your vehicle is less than 100 pounds. This is important because excess weight can cause damage to your vehicle and the driver could end up with an excess weight ticket.
When picking up at origin or when delivering at the destination, a person (friend, family member, etc.) must be present to sign the BOL (Bill of Lading).
We do not offer delivery service driving your car, however, the vehicle will be conditioned both origin/destination for loading/unloading from to transport. Sometimes the driver may have to drive the vehicle to the designated pick-up and/or drop-off point depending on the circumstances, local restrictions, and/or the accessibility of the carrier. To transport inoperable vehicles it is professional auto transporters with the equipment and labor necessary to accommodate the load. Remember to take note of the odometer mileage of both origin and destination. Any discrepancies must be noted and signed by the driver.
The better you prepare your vehicle, the better we can serve you. Make sure your vehicle has no obvious fluid leaks. Make sure the battery is secure, has no leaks, and that liquid levels are low enough to allow for pressure expansion. Make sure your vehicle is clean enough to ensure a proper pickup inspection. Leave only a ¼ tank of gas in the vehicle, a full tank of gasoline adds a lot of weight to transport and can incur extra charges. Disable or disconnect anti-theft devices or alarms. These devices create unnecessary problems and expenses if the driver is blocked or if the alarm is activated during the transport of his vehicle. Remove all personal items except standard items from the vehicle, such as a jack or tire. Remove radios, tape players, CD / DVD players, toll passes/tags, and garage openers.
Secure or remove loose or special parts such as spoilers, fog lights, bike racks, grill covers, or wide and low mirrors or remove the antenna if possible. Repair or seal tears or open seams in hoods to prevent air from causing further damage when transporting the car. Make sure the radiator has the proper levels of antifreeze and prepared for the new target climate.
Most of the time, the vehicle will be transported in an OPEN transport that can accommodate 8-10 cars. These are the types of trailers used to transport new cars to car dealers. Trucks are much larger for cargo as opposed to vans or semi-trailers. A closed transport is very different and always much safer and usually more expensive. These can only carry 4-6 cars depending on height/length and it is also much larger than trucks and semitrailers. They are equipped with a hydraulic lift door to facilitate the loading/unloading of the trolleys. If you want your vehicle to be transported by a closed truck, regardless of the additional costs, please contact us to arrange such transport.
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How Much Auto Transport
Agency Charge?

Between your current residence and your new place of residence, and helps determine transportation costs.

Measurement of Vehicle

If your car/bike is heavier, heightened than normal, then we need special accommodation, so the charge may vary.

Type of Transportation

Open or enclosed? Military or civilian? Open-air transport has a lower rate than enclosed for obvious reason, same as we are giving you a special discount on the military.

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Fantastic service. Prompt, courteous, elegant. Will use again.

Peter Hans


Excellence service, immaculate vehicles, clear and easy to arrange. Would definitely recommend.

Alex Nikita

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Excellent communication, on time, brand new, immaculately clean vehicles, courteous, competent drivers and great customer service.

Mary Joy

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Loved them! Excellent service, professional drivers, spotless cars, and thanks for having water waiting at my seat.

Hunter Lou

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Great service ! right on time. our Driver that picked us up was just wonderful. gave suggestions on what to do in the city. when in the.city again will use

William King


This was a great service. Very easy process. The driver was on time, friendly, and communicative. I would highly recommend this company.

Ryan H. Shiver


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