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Cross Country Car Transport Tips

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

In this blog, we discuss essential tips you need to follow before your Cross Country Car Shipping. Irrespective of your car being a classic or an exotic, it is necessary to understand the different services various auto transport companies offer and how they work.

Major car shipping countries that delve into Cross Country Vehicle Transport have millions of dollars invested in insurance to enable proper protection for your car during transportation while small companies invest less. It is essential to understand these differences between various companies before choosing a suitable transportation company for your vehicle transport. Following the tips given below will help you ease your mind after making your choice in the shipping company and getting your quotation.

1. Risk Factors

The risk factor for car transport depends on the type of transport carrier you choose to transport your vehicle. An open transport brings in a lot of damage risk from debris and chances of theft. Being secured by a chain on an open transport can also cause trouble to your car structurally. Open carriers use chains to secure the vehicle to the carrier, which is often fastened around the vehicle's axel. If the chain is too tight, it strains the axel of the weakening its structural integrity, whereas loss chain bonds will continuously bump the car at every pothole, making the axle weak with every stroke.

Choosing a closed transport carrier is a wise man's choice. Close transport carriers have nylon straps to fasten the cars and protect the vehicle from environmental damage and risk of theft. Most major shipping companies provide top-of-the-line closed transport carriers for your car's best transportation experience.

2. Customer Reviews

Shipping a car is a financial risk if your vehicle is a classic. It is always best to do thorough research on the company you are hiring. The best way to find out about the quality of the company's services you should look through feedback and online reviews. Customer feedback and reviews do not lie; people share real experiences and are the most reliable information available.

Additionally, you can ask friends and relatives for suggestions and recommendations when in need. People who have already faced your challenges while finding an appropriate shipping company can make the best suggestions from their experiences.

3. Auto Transport Brokers

Auto transport brokers are people who are waiting for you to click on transport websites so that they can contact you and squeeze their commission out of your business. Brokers bid your shipment requirements to various companies and find the lowest quotation to offer you. They often cause trouble as they cannot fulfill your needs later on and come asking for more money or compromise your shipping quality by opting for cheaper transport companies that deal in Cross Country Auto Transport. It is best to avoid dealers and poke around the auto transport market, find your quotes, and choose your services. Brokers also do not allow you to reach out to the company you are hiring for a direct interaction resulting in miscommunication and insecurities about your car.

4. Deposit Money

Reputed companies do not ask for any deposit money, but ask for payment when they pick up or drop off the vehicle. If any transport company asks for deposit money, treat it as a red flag and move on. Post-paid services ensure proper service delivery and customer satisfaction.

5. Price Is Not the Only Factor

The phrase, 'you get what you pay for' is one of the most relevant things in the car transport industry. While surfing through the internet, you will find numerous car shipping companies, and you will be tempted to choose a cheaper option to save money. In such cases, you should remember that the cheapest is not the best, and you might be compromising in the quality of the services that can turn into bad luck, causing damage to your car that drains the money you saved during shipment.

If you are looking for an affordable shipping cost for your cost, compromise in places that do not affect your car, like flexible drop and pickup locations, terminal to terminal transport, and reliable open shipping carriers. This way, you can save money, keep your car safe, and maintain your security.

6. Insurance Policies

As mentioned earlier, small shipping companies often do not pay for premium insurance policies, making it difficult to trust their service qualities. Hiring a semi-popular or significant shipping company for cross-country transportation is a practical choice for the sense of responsibility they possess and the insurance amount. Proper insurance of car shipping companies is a sign of a reputation and responsibility sense.

7. Scheduling Requirements

Most auto transport companies take a few days to arrange all the practical necessities you require for your auto transportation service. In case you have specific requirements about the transportation schedule, you have to be open about them and provide the shipping company with your needs. This will enable them to plan accordingly and better serve you. In cases of urgent shipments and fast deliveries, you have to emphasize the priority of the situation to make proper arrangements and approaches.

8. Preparing Your Car

According to car transport guidelines, your fuel tank should be one-third full while the car is being transported, and the driver or the shipping company can be fined for personal items found in the vehicle. Before a car is shipped, the owner must clean the car to ensure no personal belongings in the car, and the tank is ready for action.

Also, checking the car's anti-freeze levels to ensure no damage to the engine block in case of extreme weather conditions on the transport route.

9. Car Oddities

Explain your car's uniqueness to the truck driver to allow him access to the vehicle's full control. Trusting your driver with specific information about your car will help him understand the requirements of the car during shipment, ensuring excellent customer support and satisfaction at the end of the transportation journey.


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