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USA’s most famous Classic Car Auctions

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Collecting vintage or classic cars is a hobby of many collectors who understand the value of antiques. And what is better than car auctions to bag some exotic fine quality vehicles? And so the classic car auctions in the USA stands out from the other countries in this perspective. People here are very passionate about cars and that gets reflected in their auctions which are not only attended by potential buyers but also car enthusiasts. So whether you are a newcomer or an experienced car collector, attending at least one auction event in the Car transport long island to florida is a must.

Things to be considered before bidding

While classic car auctions seem the ideal place to land a deal for collection-worthy cars, newbies may face difficulties in such events while hoping to get a new car. So it is important to realize certain factors to get the best out of these events.

  • Knowing about the cars beforehand - Any car auctions releases the list of cars that are up for sale before the event starts. So it is a great opportunity for buyers to get some more insights about the car they’re willing to buy. Things like the maintenance cost are to be considered here to find the ideal car even before the bidding starts.
  • Pre-registering bids if possible- Registering bids on the auction day requires a lot of paperwork which may be hectic for a bidder.  So many car auctions allow advanced bidding to save time during the event- a thing very handy for a first-timer.
  • Knowing about shipment methods- The most important thing after winning a bid is to get the prized vehicle home. This should be kept in mind while considering going into an auction since transportation may create problems later on. So contracting a transporter is important. Also, in many cases, the transportation is done by the auction committee too.
  • The auction houses charge a fee for every purchase a bidder makes. In the US, these fees are often quoted as 10% of the purchase. This includes normal taxes, cost of transportation, and insurance. So a bidder should keep this in mind while fixing a budget for an auction. 

Attending classic car auctions in the USA is a great way to be a collector of vintage and exotic vehicles. But the above factors must also be kept in mind before jumping into any auction. And with numerous classic car auctions taking place everywhere in the USA, it is important to know about the most popular and authentic auctions to get the best deals and the great cars.

What are the best classic car auction houses?

For any newcomer who has never attended any classic car auctions before, starting with the most popular and biggest auctions seems pretty good to gain some experience.

  • Gooding & Company

One of the most famous auction organizers, they are well known for classic, racing and antique vehicles. Annually, they organize 3 main auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona; Pebble Beach, California, and Amelia Island, Florida. Their auctions are said to be among the best with exotic cars ready to be sold from various reputable sources. With record-breaking sales every year, bidders can also participate through online mediums.

  • Barrett-Jackson

A trustworthy name in the auction market for nearly 50 years, their events houses the most beautiful and grand vehicles ever produced. Their auctions are usually held in Palm Beach, Florida; Scottsdale, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. These auctions can also be attended through live streams. It is popular because of the various events included within the auctions like symposiums, test-drives, and celebrity guests.

  • Bonhams

Although headquartered in the UK, Bonhams has already made its name as one of the leading auction houses in the USA. They are known for specializing in classic cars, motorcycles, and souvenirs related to them. And the most exciting thing about Bonhams is since they are an international company, their reach is not only limited to certain international borders. Hence, their inventory consists of exotic vehicles from all over the globe.

  • RM Sotheby’s 

This auction house was formed in 2015 when RM Auctions entered a partnership with Sotheby's- an already well-known auction business that focused mainly on investment-quality vehicles. So despite being a new auction house, it still managed to be counted among the best for its quality. They are the official collector car auction house for high-end vehicle companies such as Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin among others. This allows them to get exposure in important events like Formula 1, Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, California Mille, Colorado Grand, and Luftgekühlt

  • The Mecum Auction Company

Sitting in the number 1 position for almost 30 years, The Mecum Auction Company has organized auctions all over the USA with an astonishing record of displaying more than 20,000 cars for sale every year. This huge number of vehicles for sells was enough to propel this family-run auction house at the top of the auction rank. Their events, which are hosted frequently is a conglomerate of various car collectors, celebrities, and enthusiasts. They also host one of the largest classic car auctions in Kissimmee, Florida every year.

  • Worldwide Auctioneers 

Specialists in European race cars, special pre-war cars, and American muscle cars, one great thing about Worldwide Auctioneers is that the owners here are also vehicle specialists and chief auctioneers. This leads to a collection of cars in their inventory which is perfect and reliable. And although not as big as RM Sotheby'sor other auction houses in the list, they are still popular since they prefer quality over quantity. 

  • McCormick’s Palm Springs Classic Car Auctions

An auction house for classic cars with moderately priced vehicles available. And although they are not as popular as the above houses, they have still managed to carve a niche for themselves. They generally organize two auctions annually in Palm Springs, California.

  • Classic Car Auction Group

Another small but popular auction house is the Classic Car Auction Group who is specialists in moderate-priced classic cars. Their auction takes place in the Northern Rockies every year.

Therefore these are the best and the most popular classic Auto transport auctions in the USA that houses the most beautiful and exotic cars can satisfy the needs of any car-collector or car-lovers.

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