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Are you a classic car owner? The classic cars are more than just opposition, as you have invested a lot of money to restore its previous condition. However, people face a lot of problems to take their classic car with them when they move to another country. If you are facing the same problem and a victim of transporting your vehicle to another country, this blog will help you. Read this blog carefully to know about the steps to ship your classic car securely with car shipping services jersey city NJ.

When you ship your classic car to another nation, the chances are high that the taxes imposed on your classic vehicles will be lower than the newer vehicles. This is why you must prioritize the safety and security of the shipping of your classic car.

Discuss With Your Shipping Company

Consulting with the best car shipping company Tallahassee FL is very important when you are looking to transport your classic car to the port. Many companies offer transport of cars to the port. So you do not need to worry if you cannot drive your car to the port as the shipping company will take care of it. Moreover, this is one of the best options as you do not have to deal with agents to carry your vehicle to the port.

Open or Enclosed Carrier- What You Should Choose

When you are opting to transfer your vehicle to other countries, you must know about open and enclosed carrier. Open or enclosed carrier have their pros and cons, and based on your purpose, you must choose between the two. However, the reliability of these carriers should be guaranteed by the shipping company.

You have already got suggestions from the name that open carriers are exposed to external elements. It is one of the most affordable options that one can opt for. However, people fear that their cars could get damaged as the shipping company will pack other cars tightly and there is a chance of scratch on the car. But you do not have to worry about that as the shipping company will take extra care to ensure that your car is not damaged.

On the other hand, enclosed carriers are the carriers that are not open to external elements. Enclosed carriers are of two types, single car and the multi-car enclosed carrier. When you choose the option of single carrier your car will be transferred as a single car in a truck. On the other hand, the multi-car enclosed carriers will pickup multiple cars and carry it to the destination. However, the second option is affordable enough.

Inspect Your Car and Ask For A Condition Report

Inspecting your car before transportation is one of the most crucial step. Before your car gets transported to overseas, you must get the condition report. Ask the authority to get your vehicle thoroughly inspected and prepare a condition report of your vehicle. Check whether any brake issues or cooling problem is there on your car or not. You must ensure to drain the fuel of your car before transporting it to the container.

Get your vehicle condition report as this will act as a written proof of your car's condition. All you need to do is to note some of the details of your present car condition like the existing crashes, dents etc. Ask the readers of the shipping company to sign it.

Ask For The Insurance Policy Of The Shipping Company.

You must figure out what are the things that your company is responsible. To do so you must ask for their insurance policy and have a copy with you. Ensure to read the insurance policy and look at the things the company is liable for. Check the amount insured and figure out whether it is enough to cover the damage of your car. If you find that the existing policy is insufficient, then you can ask for a custom policy.

Avoid Putting Parts And Tires In The Cars.

If you put extra accessories in your car, then you make a big mistake. If you opt for single-car carriers, then you will be allowed to transport additional items; however, in multiple car carriers, they are not responsible for the extra items you transport with your cars. Even though the shipping company might agree to transfer the additional items, you must be cautious. According to the rules and regulations of the department of transport carrying extra items in multi-car enclosed carrier is not acceptable.

Do Not Keep Any Valuable Things In Your Vehicles.

You might be fancy of your classic muscle car, and some expensive things are likely to be inside your car for relaxation. When you are out for transporting your muscle car, you should ensure that you remove all valuable things from your classic car. If you choose a reputed company, they will take all the steps to protect your car, however, from your side, you must be concerned about the safety of your car. Valuable things like a parking pass, toll devices, alarm systems, and any personal items must not be left in the car while you are transporting it. Moreover, when you take everything out of your car, the weight of your car gets reduced, and there is less chance that your car's interior will get damaged due to shifting of such things.


When you are looking for shifting options in best car shipping service jersey city NJ, you should make your time to talk to them about your expectations. You must ensure that the company you choose has enough knowledge to transport your car in the container without any damage. However, whether you will choose an open carrier or close carrier completely depends on you. But you can take the advice of the experts and choose the most suitable option in shipping your car to the desire destination. By considering the above points, you can keep your dream car to your destination without any hassle.

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