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10 Easy Tips for Move a Car from Hawaii to California

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

At the time of Car Shipping to Hawaii from California car owners must ensure that their vehicles are properly prepared for the journey. After receiving the estimates from the shipping company the owner needs to keep in mind some crucial factors to make certain that the car reaches the destination safely. Below are some of the benefits of preparing the car before loading it onto the truck.

  • It reduces the chances of damages on the interiors for exteriors of the car
  • The time of delivery reduces significantly as the paperwork for customs and related inspections are done

The following are some of the important things that need to be checked before sending the car to the shipping company.

Checking for leaks and level of different fluids

Car owners must always check their cars for leaking fluids like engine oil, brake oil, coolant, washer fluid, and battery fluid. If any leaks are spotted from the vehicle it must be fixed immediately before transporting. Overflowing or leaking fluid can cause significant damage to the car's performance and internal components. Experts recommend keeping around a quarter gallon of fuel in the tank to avoid leaking or spilling during the transit. Keeping the fuel tank empty also ensures that the overall weight of the car is less which also reduces the cost of shipping.

Keeping the battery charged

It is one of the most essential things to check at the time of Shipping Car from California to Hawaii. Transporters typically charge an extra fee from the owners, if the car fails to start when it is being loaded or unloaded from the truck.

Disabling anti-theft devices and alarms

Car owners should always disable anti-theft devices and alarms on their vehicles so that it does not cause any trouble to the transporter and provides easy access to the drivers at the time of loading and unloading. The staff member at the transporting agency needs to have easy access to the vehicle so that they can do the needful while transporting the vehicle from one place to another.

Personal belongings should not be left in the

Car owners must always remove all valuable items from their vehicles like electronic devices, documentation, and expensive ornaments when the car is being sent to a transporter. If any valuable item is left in the car and is lost in the process of transportation the moving company does not take any responsibility. Hence it is the liability of the owner to remove all the valuables at the time of preparing the car for Shipping Car from Hawaii to California.

Preparing cars with removable tops

At the time of shipping a convertible car, it is necessary to prevent any kind of moisture into the interiors. This is done because at the time of shipping the vehicle is exposed to the elements of nature and goes through different types of weather conditions. Owners are always suggested to keep everything tightly closed to ensure that the interiors remain free from any road debris or mold.

Disassemble any loose parts from the vehicle

There are certain detachable accessories like antennas, rearview mirrors, spoilers, fog lights, etc on every vehicle. At the time of preparing the car for shipping, the owners must remove the fragile attachment or wrap them with a protective covering to avoid any damage.

Cleaning and washing the car appropriately before shipping

The car must be thoroughly washed before shipping to allow the shipping company to conduct a detailed examination of the vehicle.

Inspecting the vehicle before sleeping

Car owners must check their vehicle before leaving it to the transporter, inspection in the presence of the transporter along with a photograph of the vehicles is necessary to keep track of the condition of the car.

Getting an insurance cover before shipping

Insurance cover is a must before shipping a car as it gives the owner peace of mind while the transporter moves the vehicle from one place to another.

Keeping an extra set of keys handy

It is one of the most necessary tips to follow at the time of shipping a car. Owners must always keep a spare set of keys after leaving the vehicle with the transporter. 

All the above-mentioned tips will help car owners to prepare their cars before shipping and keep it in perfect shape at the time of delivery.

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