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What is Fleet Management? How to Optimize it?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

So let us know what is Fleet Management? Then we will discuss how to optimize it?

What is Fleet Management?

Any company that uses a fleet of vehicles to meet its business objectives expects it to be as efficient as possible. Proper vehicle fleet management will be directly reflected in productivity, cost and time savings, and customer satisfaction.

Commercial vehicles are one of the essential tools for many businesses. Its presence and use are essential elements. But this essentiality should not make us renounce its optimization of use or its efficiency. An efficiency that still has a long way to go in the case of commercial vehicles.

In the choice and management of a commercial vehicle, some aspects present in passenger cars disappear.

As a general rule, the commercial vehicle user does not usually have decision-making capacity in the choice of equipment, quota, aesthetics or color, since there are no motivational or compensatory derivatives. It allows the fleet manager a wide range of possibilities, always within the established policies, which will define the operations, productivity, and costs of this part of the fleet.

Given the current phase of economic recovery, many companies are renovating or expanding their fleet of vans and vans. And it is precisely at this time that some of the aspects that will determine the efficiency and safety of our fleet of commercial vehicles must be considered.

How to Optimize Fleet Management?

What is Fleet Management

Choice of vehicle

Reliability, load capacity, and consumption, in addition to cost, are usually the three key factors when choosing a commercial vehicle. But since we are going to renew or expand the fleet, why not update and thoroughly review each vehicle and area's functions, needs, routes, and operations? With the crisis, the procedures and habits of companies, clients, and consumers have changed. And this offers us an opportunity to change our mobility patterns and needs. 

If we are dedicated to transporting frozen food, we will continue to need a refrigerated vehicle. But let's take an example of a technical service (IT, elevators, electrical appliance repair…) with an urban action area.

In these cases, the acquisition of an electric vehicle or even a motorcycle could be considered, reducing fuel costs, emissions and parking that all this generates. Even in the case of the motorcycle, it would gain in speed of action. Another example is that of fixed delivery routes. In these cases, finding the most efficient vehicle should still be easier since we know exactly the number of kilometers, the roads and streets on which it is circulated, and even the maximum daily load weight.

Interior equipment and furniture

Ambulances or refrigerated vehicles are exceptional; it is essential to have a vehicle whose cargo area has fine furniture and accessories for each type of need. When choosing this type of element, it is vital to select the most resistant and the lightest. This lightness makes it possible to increase the load capacity and reduce consumption when driving without weight. 

In addition, if everything travels well ordered and secured, the load will not move. At the same time, driving, which results in more excellent safety for the driver, guarantees the excellent condition of the transported items, and we will not cause damage to the cargo area. These damages will increase maintenance costs, and if the vehicle is for renting,

On the other hand, if the interior of the loading area is ordered correctly, the user will spend less time searching for the package to be delivered, the tool to use, or the spare part needed.

No to overload

Whenever possible, avoid overloading the vehicle because overload consumes more fuel and affects mechanical structure.

To this must be added a significant decrease in safety, as braking distance increases and it is easier to lose control of the vehicle. Not to mention the legal problems that loading the vehicle beyond what is established in its technical sheet can entail.

If our operations do not usually need the transport of large loads, it is always preferable to rent a vehicle for that specific need. Nor is it efficient to have a large capacity van to meet these needs. Renting on time is better than having a large van whose cargo area is rarely used.

Trained drivers

There are many occasions when we insist on the need for users trained in efficient and safe driving. This training is even more critical in commercial vehicle drivers since vehicle behavior and mechanical performance change with load.

Check the tires

The only element of contact of the vehicle with the road is the tire. The above tips are useless if the tires are not in good condition. Suppose you drive with incorrect pressure, with worn or damaged tires, the chances of suffering an accident multiply and increase the vehicle's consumption. That is why a pressure and tread check should be performed almost daily, as commercial vehicle tires suffer more from changes in load and rubbing against curbs.


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