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Best Motorcycle Transport Service Companies in Florida

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Like car shipping, hiring a motorcycle shipping company can reduce the logistics and heavy lifting involved in moving your motorcycle. Apart from the different services involved, motorcycle shipping companies need to offer affordable rates for customers.

uShip is one of the cheap and reliable motorcycle shipping companies and a few others providing the best services at low rates.

Here are the top affordable and best motorcycle transport service companies in Florida.

1. uShip

uShip is an online brokerage company that bids on your behalf and finds you the best motorcycle transport se4rvices depending on the list of requirements you provide them with. uShip is smart and focused, and you can find any and almost every auto transport company listed in one place.

The reason uShip has secured its position on the top of this list is simple; you can find the best Motorcycle transport to Florida here more quickly than anywhere else. With uShip, you can search for an auto transport company according to your parameters using filters and get multiple quotes from different service providers to finally choose one. Additionally, uShip has a state of the art graph that shows a list of the low, medium, and high bids of your shipping requirements and involves various companies in a sector to compare costs visually.

Fortunately, uShip moves ahead of these functionalities too. Suppose you find a particular company you are interested in. In that case, uShip lets you look into it more in-depth with a review section enabling you to make a more informed decision about transportation.

On uShip, you are allowed to name your price on the shipment. If you are in a hurry and do not have the time to go through all the listed companies, you can narrow your search using filters and search in your particular price range that fits your budget and start to talk business with them. Apart from saving you the hassle of surfing the internet, uShip also helps you stay in your account.

2. RCC Auto Transport

Just as RCC Auto Transport provides premium car transportation, it deals in excellent motorcycle transportation as well. As shipping reservations are dependent on the type of carrier chosen, RCC treats every motorcycle the same way they would treat a small sedan. Because of this reason, there is no restriction when it comes to weight, size, and height of the motorcycle, a beneficial perk for motorcycle transport.

Additionally, RCC Auto Transport is enclosed, allowing the best protection any shipping company can offer at any price. Your motorcycle can ride comfortably with extra leg space and be safe from road debris and harsh weather conditions protecting your exceptional paint job. Although the cost of shipping your motorcycle is as close to the cost of shipping a car, your worst fear of physical damages to your bike will never come true. That is a mental satisfaction worth paying a little extra for. RCC Auto Transport also offers the most number of discounts compared to any company in the industry.

3. Motorcycle Shippers

With a name dedicated to their specialty, Motorcycle shippers are proud of their service record and ability to do things right. The company offers quick delivery service, affordable valuations, and has a quote generator that is flawless and extremely easy to use.

Motorcycle Shippers offer transparent and straightforward prices, and their quote generation is noticeably user-friendly and interactive. The quote generator of Motorcycle Shippers can give you a quote for your shipment in seconds without needing to input any personal information beyond your shipping endeavor requirements. The necessary quotation has a price hike with every added feature, including premium shipping requests. But Motorcycle Shippers do not add extra fuel charges, no payments for personalized delivery or pickup locations, and no lift gate cost or additional hidden fees. So, with Motorcycle Shipping, unless you add services after getting a quotation, your expenditure will be precise as the quotation calculator said it would be allowing you to be within your budget.

One of the primary reasons for the popularity of motorcycle shippers in the crowd of bike owners is their premium shipping services. They provide express shipping, with the option to choose your pickup and delivery dates in certain areas for an extra $200. A standard motorcycle shipment requires 3-4 weeks of delivery time. With Motorcycle Shippers’ VIP shipping, they avail the first truck on your route, with obvious checking and confirmation, reducing the shipment time significantly lower than usual. Paying more in a premium package is just allowing you to schedule your life around your customized shipping date and having your bike ready only in time for your next bike adventure or motorcycle rally.


Irrespective of the type of bike you are riding, any motorcyclist can concur to the fact that HAULBIKES know what they are doing, as all HAULBIKES professionals are motorcycle pros themselves. HAULBIKE's routine is to deal with bikes, transport bikes, or ride bikes, allowing their equipment and shipping methods to be tailored to fit any bike requirements a client asks them to transport. Although HAULBIKES is not available in all places for service, its expertise in the industry is unparalleled. It makes up for its shortcoming in reaching out to new areas of business.

As HAULBIKES expertise lies in motorcycle transport compared to general auto transport, you can be sure that your bike will receive special treatment during transportation. Not all shipping companies are equipped with such treatment when it comes to motorcycle transport. HAULBIKES uses lift gates and ramp systems to pull the bikes before securing the carrier's straps with each vehicle. The gearheads working at HAULBIKES know their trade and expertise in the type of treatment a bike requires irrespective of their model, make or type. They even expertise in antiques, luxury, or TLCs.

HAULBIKES understand that your bike is precious to you and your wallet. Only, for this reason, every shipping order includes $15000 of insurance in the quoted price. This insurance amount is the highest offered by any company in the industry. Along with this already hefty insurance, HAULBIKES also allows you to buy extra coverage. Additionally, if you pay an additional $50, you can say goodbye to the $500 damage claim deductible.


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RCC Auto Transpor Best Car Transportation Everything was so easy the car info pick up and delivery. Moving vehicles is one of the most crucial parts of transportation Had no problems what so ever with the whole process. They are best at transporting vehicles. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to send their car to another state or city

Yair Knafo


These guys were perfect, did a great job, was early and the best value out there!!

Ryan Shiver


Great employees and customer service. Always willing to help out no matter what and great pricing. Thanks for. RCC Auto Transport

Rita Carey


This was our 2nd time using Auto Transport. They have a great team of people that assisted in our shipping of vehicles. We recommend them for your shipping.

Devid Kennor


I have used auto transport twice for vehicles to from the company using this system. Really pleased with the level of service I have received. Staff have been very professional and accommodating. Last but not least, very competitively priced compared to other shipping companies. Would recommend without hesitation.

Alex Jhonn


Excellent work, I'll hire again. Thanks

Amanda L. Mays

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