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Want to ship your Non-Working Classic Car?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Many people ask me this question; can I ship a not working classic car safely? To this, my very straight answer is, yes, you can easily ship a non-working classic car from one place to another with the help of expert car transport companies in the market.

Your classic car must be your most valuable asset, and it must have cost you a fortune when you bought it. Hence it is imperative when you ship it, and you ship it with the help of experts. Not all companies posses proper equipment and expertise, when it comes to shipping a non working car. Therefore you must select a company for shipping your non-working classic car smartly.

Before you book a company for shipping your classic car, consider all the factors beforehand to ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination just the way it was. Let's take a small ride and see some of the few aspects on how to ship a non-running car, and what it is precisely to ship a non-running classic vehicle.

What is a classic car that does not work?

A non-running classic car is the one, which is not safe for driving or not in running condition. Therefore such a car requires shipping services to move from one place to another. Many classic cars that people own these days are not working conditions, the foremost reason being non-usage. Some cars might have encountered an accident or collision damage, which ultimately led to mechanical failure. So any classic car, which cannot run on the road, is a non-working classic car.

Ship Classic Car - How can you?

Since you cannot drive a non-running classic car onto the truck or car carrier, the driver must be an expert and use other high-end means to load it. The type of carrier you use to ship your non-moving car shall be the determining factor for the variety of means used to load it. The two options are:

  • Enclosed auto transport- in this car lifting method, your car will be loaded on to an enclosed carrier using a liftgate. The liftgate is the best option to load your classic car in the carrier as it limits your car's movement while loading. Hence there are minor chances of damage to the vehicle. A liftgate prevents further damage to the non-working vehicle. Also, this method of auto shipping protects the car from dirt, dust and weather conditions.
  • Open auto transport- in this method of loading the car, the carrier company uses a winch to load the car. Winches come in various types, and they can be manual winches or hand-cranked. The loader uses a chain to pull the car up on the carrier. This loading is not safe for expensive and classic cars, as there are high chances of damage to the car. It's also imperative to keep in mind that since it is an open method of transportation, your car cannot be protected from weather conditions and dirt and dust.

If you own a classic car, here are a few tips on how you can ship it.

Tips For Shipping A Non-Working Classic Car

When you are shipping a non-working classic car, it requires proper planning, and also specialized equipment. To make sure that your car is transported smoothly, I have assembled a few tips. Let's take a look:

  • Hire the right company- since you want to ship a classic car even though it is not working, you will never want it to get further damaged. Therefore to safely load and deliver your non-working vehicle, the carrier company must stay aware of what they are doing and what needs to be done. Always hire a company, which has qualified, and expert drivers and who are fully equipped to handle the task in hand. They must take all necessary measures like, time, effort, courage, and expertise to safely transport the car to its destination.
  • Explain your car’s condition beforehand- no auto shipping company can properly transport your car if they do not know its current conditions. While book their transportation service, you must inform them that your car is presently in a non-working condition. This way, they can gather all the necessary equipment and workforce to load your car before showing up. This small act of yours can save you some money and time.
  • Know what is wrong with the car- sometimes due to minute issues, a car becomes non-operative. Hence its imperative to know why your car is not working, and you must communicate the same to the auto shipping company. Maybe, the problem is an easy fix and costs you less to fix it. Also you must be aware that the cost to ship a non-working car is more than a working car, hence acts smartly.
  • Book ahead of time- a non-working classic car's shipping takes proper planning. Not only the company needs time to do preparations, but you must, as well. You might need to do some preparation tasks before shipping. Also, if you book ahead of time, you might bag some deal of the day discounts. You can also decide on the pick-up and drop-off time if you make the bookings prior.
  • Prepare your car for shipping- there are some preparation steps that you might need to take in advance such as, cleaning the car, removing all your belongings, etc. to ensure that your car is ready to be loaded and transported. Secure all the loose parts of the vehicle; remove all the personal belongings from it, as the shipping company will never be responsible for your lost belongings.

Final words

So, when you again ask me the question, can I ship a not working classic car? The answer will still be the same. If you need to ship your precious car make sure you get it properly shipped and take expert help to do the same. Whether it's a running or a non-running car you need to consider everything before transporting it to stay in the best conditions.


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