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Top 10 Tips For Shipping Classic Car

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Classic cars are antique and priceless, and people love to possess them. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned top 10 tips for shipping classic car so that you do not damage your possession. Generally, it is seen that when people shift from one place to another due to work or buying a house or for any other reason, they do not want to drive their classic cars in any case. It is always better to get your car shipped by a reputed company and at a cost that is affordable and fits in your budget. 

Top 10 Tips For Shipping Classic Car That One Must Take Into Consideration

  • Before shipping your car with a company do an in and out research about the company. As soon as you post your requirement on Google about shipping your car, there will be more than 50 different companies calling you to ship your car through them. Not all companies can be trusted; therefore, it is essential to know how trustworthy the company is by reading their history and customer reviews on its website.
  • Researching the company's reputation in the market is very important.Talking to the local transportation department people about the company will prove helpful to know the company in detail. Moreover, checking out the company's database with the Federal department safety database will also be useful. It is always better to be careful before going to the shipping process.
  • Before shipping know about what kind of trailer will help you ship your car. It is always better to go for enclosed containers. This will ensure that your classic car is safe from debris, dust, rain, and other damage that can occur if you choose an open-air container or trailer. Even though closed trailers can be a bit expensive but not as expensive as to the damage that can be caused on your classic car if towed by an open-air container. 
  • See to it that you get a copy of the company's insurance policy and coverage. If in case your classic car meets an accident or any damage occurs during shipping, at least the company's insurance covers your car. Take details about the insurance covered by the transportation company and know to what extent they shall pay.
  • To protect your vintage car during shipment, do check your insurance policy with your insurance company. As accidents can occur at any time, therefore, it is better to be prepared much beforehand.
  • For maintaining the full safety of your vehicle, take out more than half the fuel from the car before you ship it. Draining the tank is essential, and many shipping companies insist on doing this before loading the car for shipping.
  • It is always better to remove all essential documents and valuables from the car before shipping it with a transportation company. There are chances of theft; therefore, you will not be at any loss during shipping.
  • Before loading your car, you will be smart if you take specific photographs of the vehicle. If any damage occurs during the shipping process, you must have legal proof to get an insurance claim from the transporting company. Photos will also act as proof to get compensation for the damage caused during shipping.
  • Read the contractwell before you sign an agreement with the transportation company. Moreover, it is always better to take a copy of the contract with you for further documentation and legal work.
  • Before accepting your classic car at the destination, do check it thoroughly. A thorough inspection is proper to do to know about any damage during the shipping. 

4 Mistakes One Can Avoid When Hiring A Transportation Company For Shipping Your Classic Car

  • Do not trust any company just by seeing the information given on its website or Google. Do some personal researches to know how trustworthy and reliable the shipping companies are. Never accept a company's offer just because they are giving you the cheapest offer. Checkout with different companies and what they are charging for a particular distance then after proper research book, the most reliable one.
  • No shipping company can guarantee delivery of your classic car within say two days or so. It can take two plus or minus days due to uncertain conditions like bad weather. Moreover, a delay in the pickup or delivery can occur due to an accident on the road. Not all shipping companies are enormous. Therefore, it is always better to take two days extra for pickup or delivery. It's a mistake on our part if we ask the company to guarantee us with a particular day and date fixed for delivery. 
  • It is always better to get a car cover for your car even if you send it through an enclosed trailer. There are chances that a few scratches may occur here and there due to adverse road conditions. Therefore, instead of blaming the shipping company for the scratches on your expensive, classic car, getting a car cover is always better.
  • Never deposit all your money just after the pickup of your car. It is better to give half the money in the time of the pickup and half when you get your car safely at the planned destination. If the company asks for all the money at one go, it is a false alarm that the car owner needs to understandCompanies try and give some bogus quotes to lock you down so that you finalize the shipping procedure with their company. Hence, do not settle for cheap quotes and do not give all the money at once.


Hence, when going for shipping your classic car, always think twice before choosing a trustworthy company. Never settle down for any company till they take full guarantee of your car's pickup and delivery. See to it that the transportation company gives all the details about them, their insurance policy, damage claims, and promises to safely ship your car to the destination.


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