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Must Read How To Ship Your Classic Car?

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Shipping a classic car of your dreams to your home or shifting from one place to another can be a tough job. When you own a classic car, it is always a matter of pride. On the other hand, if you are buying the classic car of your dreams and want to bring it to your home as soon as possible, shipping is a matter of concern. Must read how to ship your classic car to your home after buying it. 

Must read How to ship your classic car? 

It is a question that can be solved if you find trustworthy transport companies that will safely ship your possession. Before finalizing a transport company, it is always better to do proper research about different shipping companies. When searching for transporting companies, you will find many, but choosing the best one can be tedious. Do not just book or accept a quote from a company just because they are giving a cheaper quote. Cheap is not always reliable.

Essential Points To Consider Before Choosing A Company To Get Your Classic Car Shipped

  • Choose a company whose specialty is in shipping vintage cars safely. Do check the company's reputation and database with the Federal department of the state. One more thing to do is to check online reviews of customers who have already taken services from the company. Research is fundamental before you book a company to ship your classic car for shipment.
  • Meet agents of different companies- Compare the prices of other companies. The way the agents will deal with you will show how professional the company is with whom they are working. Dealing with customers is an art; therefore, listen to what the company's agent says. Each word the agent says represents the company's professionalism. 
  • Getting accurate quotes from a minimum of 5 companies is essential. It will help you to know which company is offering you the best quote that fits your budget. On the contrary, if you choose a broker to find companies for you, then comparing the quotes of different companies can be very easy. Never settle down for a price just because it is cheap. Sometimes transporting companies want to lock down customers at a lower price and then take the money and never return. It happens when companies are not authentic. 
  • Choose a company for the services it pays to its customers. Can know the quality company's service quality by reading customer reviews. A genuine service provider will have the experience of dealing with classic cars and delivering your possessions safely and on time.
  • Scheduling a particular date for pickup and delivery- After you have finalized which company you will go with, seeing the quote it is giving, its reputation, and reading the customer reviews. Let the company decide a particular date for the pick up of the classic car. The flexibility of 2-3 days can be considered for delivery due to weather or uncertain road accident conditions. It is a case that can occur when you buy your classic car from someone from another state. If your transport company is local and needs to do a local in the state shipment, the company needs to give a specific time for pickup and delivery.
  • Choosing The Transport Options Open Or Enclosed Trailer - one needs to have a clear mindset about what one wants. However, it is always better to go for enclosed containers. This will ensure that your classic car is safe from debris, dust, rain, and other damage that can occur if you choose an open-air container or trailer, even though closed trailers can be a bit expensive but not as expensive as to the damage that can be caused on your classic car if towed by an open-air container. Choosing the transport option depends totally on one's budget and the safety of the classic car. 
  • Checking the car's condition before shipment is also critical- that is to say, before getting your classic car loaded on the trailer, one must drain the fuel from it. For safety features, it is advisable by professional and authentic transport companies. Let your car's tank be 1\4 filled with fuel. Another thing that the owner needs to do is to check the running condition of the vehicle. Checking the breaks, clutch, and battery needs to be checked before the owner's loading process.
  • For legal proof, the owner needs to click pictures of the car before getting it shipped. Anything can happen to your vintage car in the course of shipment; therefore, it is better to take images that will act as legal proof. It will help the owner claim compensation from the transport company in case of any damage caused to the classic car.
  • Always remember to take the driver and the transport company's number before the shipping begins. Considering the number of drivers will help the owner keep in contact with him from time to time. It is better to select companies that offer GPS tracking facilities so that you can sit back and track the trailer during the shipping process.
  • Check the company's insurance policy and your insurance policy before shipping starts. It is better to know what all damages the transport company covers. It will help you know beforehand to what extent you can get compensation if any damage occurs. Checking your insurance policy with your insurance company is also essential.
  • Read the contract well before you sign an agreement with the transportation company. Moreover, it is always better to take a copy of the contract with you for further documentation and paperwork. 


Hiring a shipping company for getting your classic car shipped is a tricky thing to do. Even if you find an excellent company until your possession is at the final destination, you cannot trust the shipping company.

Therefore, shipping your classic car is a question that will come to the owner's mind as he\she will spend hard-earned money during shipment.


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