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How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Vehicle?

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Low Cost Vehicle Transport With All The Guarantees

If you need to transport a vehicle most economically, it is expected that you have doubts about whether this will affect the quality of the service. Luckily, it doesn't have to be this way. The transport vehicle at a low cost is not incompatible with service excellence. However, to get the lowest price to transport your car or motorcycle with all the guarantees, you must consider some aspects. Discover them here!

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Vehicle?

There are many reasons why you may need low-cost vehicle transport. You may have bought a car in another city and want the seller to send it to you, or you may be moving imminently, but it turns out that your vehicle is damaged. Whatever it is, your best option is to hire a transport company. If you have never used these services, the first thing you will wonder is how much they will cost you. Well, it isn't easy to give a single answer, since many factors condition the cost:

  • Distance between the point of origin and destination.
  • Vehicle weight and dimensions.
  • Vehicle status.
  • The urgency with which you need to carry out the transport.
  • Type of vehicle carrier.
  • In advance, when hiring your service.
  • Flexibility in the dates of transportation of the vehicle.

As you can see, the cost of a vehicle transport service is influenced by two types of factors:

  • Those that you cannot modify: such as distance to travel or vehicle status.
  • Those that can be under your control: as the type of vehicle carrier you choose, advance when hiring your service and flexibility with the dates.

Well, these last three are essential when it comes to achieving low-cost vehicle transport. Next, we see why.


As we have just anticipated, if you want to get low-cost vehicle transport, you must take the following into account:


Cars, motorcycles or machinery can be transported basically in two ways: crane or vehicle carrier. The first allows you to make individual transports, door to door, on the exact dates you choose. When should you choose this type of transportation? If you are going to transport a high-end car, it is more convenient, since you will get entirely personalized service, although, of course, the cost is higher.

As for vehicle transport trucks, they allow low-cost vehicle transport because they load several cars simultaneously so that the price is much lower since fuel, tolls and other expenses are distributed among the vehicles' owners. 


As we have just seen, a truck is the best option for low-cost vehicle transport. Now, if you choose this type of transportation, you must have some flexibility with the pick-up and delivery dates, since the truck will not start its route until it is full, a factor that, as we are seeing, is essential for vehicle transport at low cost.


If you are flexible with the dates and, also, you contract your service in advance, you can get an even cheaper budget. It is possible because you can benefit from the "empty" turns of the transport trucks, that is, from the returns to their logistics centres. Taking advantage of these trips, making vehicle transport at low cost advantageous for both the client and the transport company is possible.

What To Take Into Account When Transporting Vehicles At Low Cost?

If you consider the three aspects that we have just seen, you will get low-cost vehicle transport. But, of course, although the economic criterion is essential, you cannot be guided by it alone, since a vehicle is a precious asset.

Therefore, when choosing a company, you must ensure that it offers you the best conditions and that the transport will be done in complete safety. Where we explain how experience, state of the vehicle carrier fleet, seriousness in deadlines and inclusion of full-risk insurance, are some of the characteristics that you must look when hiring your vehicle transport service.


Now you know how to achieve low-cost vehicle transport! As you have seen, you must choose a vehicle carrier, be flexible with the dates and, if possible, hire your service in advance. 

If you also make sure that the company with which you are hiring your transport meets the requirements we have just seen, your satisfaction will surely be maximum.

Are you looking for low-cost vehicle transport with all the guarantees? We transport your car we give you the best price to transport your vehicle or machinery. Make sure you leave your vehicle in the best hands. Our extensive experience and our thousands of satisfied customers are our best presentation.

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