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Why RCC Auto Transport is the Best Auto Transport Company?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

As a moving specialist, RCC offers door-to-door Car transport, Puerto Rico, for professionals and individuals. They make it a point of honour to provide excellent service, whatever your vehicle, utility vans, sedans or SUVs, luxury cars, vintage motorcycles, caravans etc.

They can ship your vehicle either as part of a complete move or as a specific batch. RCC is one of the few service providers also to offer a single and economical loading, grouped loading of vehicles in containers. They advise you on the most economical and best-suited shipping method for your car. Their consultants are there every step of the way to make the transfer of your vehicle go smoothly. The containers are exclusively reserved for the transport of cars and are sealed with a seal. Your payment and your personal data are secure and protected. The coordinator is attentive to your needs and available to answer all your questions during the course of your car move. Let us have a look at what works perfect in this case.

Proper Checklists for the client

While they offer all of their customer’s expert advice on how to complete import and export procedures for their vehicles, they recommend that you follow this list of general tips:

Car battery

Make sure your car battery is fully charged. It must maintain a sufficient charge for the duration of the trip.

No car-alarm sign

Disable your vehicle's alarm system to avoid discharging the battery if your alarm goes off during transport.

Service Vehicle sign

Has your vehicle serviced to minimize the risk of problems at the destination?

Cold temperature icon

If the climate at your destination is drastically different, be sure to check with your mechanic to see if you have the correct coolant or antifreeze.

Vehicle inspection sign

Clean your vehicle to facilitate visual pre-delivery and pickup inspections.

Empty your vehicle, including documents and registration card, as well as all valuables before shipping.

Car keys

Always keep a duplicate of your vehicle keys with you. It's not something you want to leave at home.

Best Closed Transport

All vehicles are transported and shipped by Ship car from California to Florida service by road in standard closed containers to specific destinations. To ensure safe transport, the vehicle is secured, and the wheels are locked.

If your car is transported in a container, they can use the remaining space to transport your personal effects. Depending on the case, they build a wooden cradle around the vehicle and fill the empty space above the vehicle to accommodate your belongings, or they use a larger 40ft container. The entire shipment will be optimally protected.

The team of experts will take care of all stages of your move process, of the volume and your destination. Their local knowledge, guaranteed by their local offices, allows them to offer you a reliable, secure national move at the best quality / price ratio.

They Perfectly Move Collective And Luxury Vehicles

Are you moving abroad and looking for an expert to transfer your vintage vehicle?

They understand that your vehicle is unique. Each year, RCC helps its customers to move their classic or luxury car. Contact one of their experts for more information and references on their past operations.

RCC International service stands out for its expertise and high-end customer service. Their knowledge guarantees the success of your move, no matter where you are going to settle and no matter where you come from. RCC supports you every step of the way and guarantees a stress-free international move.

The safety of your goods is a top priority for RCC, which is why they have developed innovative Auto transport in Maryland and methods that are unique in the industry, to protect furniture and objects optimally. Their cartons not only protect your belongings, but they also pay particular attention to their manufacture to minimize their environmental impact.

At RCC, they are driven by excellence and continued customer satisfaction in Colorado auto transport. Their teams are trained to take care of your business from start to finish, making sure that the whole process runs smoothly and pleasantly for you.

The principle of moving by groupage is simple: for a given destination, they group the personal effects of their customers in the same container. Transport costs are shared between their various customers in proportion to the space used in the container.

Flexible and straightforward: You choose a personalized solution adapted to your volume of personal effects.

Reduced price: You get the best value for money, whatever your destination.

Regular Departures: Be on time with frequent RCC group container departures. For example, RCC leaves more than 5,000 group age containers per year or more than 14 departures per day.

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