Auto Transportation Industry: Customer Research Report.

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Operating within a 5 billion dollar market industry proves that there is so much money transacted within the industry, and the key primary goal of the business model is to maximize revenues, there is a great need to understand the secret recipe of the consumers' needs to pioneer in the industry. It has been proven by most dominating companies in the world (AMAZON) that the key to any market domination is investing in your respective customers. In light of this, the following are the findings and recommendations that customers within the auto transportation industry are greatly craving for.

A Direct Carrier. In the current online business model, trust has become the main pillar/bridge between consumers and service/product providers. Primarily, consumers need assurance of their packages, and in this case automotive, the consumers are seeking a direct and straightforward breakdown of when and who will have the car delivered all by the same company. This is the case because dealing with a third party company that you know nothing of May sometimes be disturbing and turns off the consumers.

Package Upgrades (Extras): Consumers' demands are constantly changing and companies need to keep up with the market trends. The ideology that consumers are willing to pay extra for additional services makes this a great need for consumers. This way, consumers are more assured and have confidence in the logistics industry. This is the case as some unreliable companies are transporting their customer's automotive normally with the notion that the consumers will not even notice.

Dirty Tricks: A lot of customers in this industry have had their cars delivered broken and some not until after dark maybe to make it right from a breakdown. Consumers are seeking a company that is willing to take full fault and responsibility for any inconvenience caused within their initial offer.

In conclusion, consumers are constantly seeking for a transparent service and that honors consumer satisfaction first instead of the revenue-generating aspect. In light of this, customers are seeking companies that establish themselves as completive brands with prices based on the market price average, with the shortest delivery time.

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Your Customer Service is always excellent. Deliveries on time are more often than late.

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