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10 Tips for How to Ship Your Car Your State to another State

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When you are moving to another state or buying a car from another state, you will need ways to get your vehicle to where you are. If you are looking for the most accessible and affordable way to ship your car to another state, the tips we provide will help you better understand what impacts the price of shipping a vehicle the most. Here are a few ways to ship car to another state.

Ship Car to Another State


When it comes to affordability and quality, having options is the best option. Working with an auto transport broker, getting at least 3-4 quotes is always wise. Getting various quotes will help you understand the market rates for your car shipment and help you find the best quality transportation at an affordable price.


Open transport is a choice of almost every car transporting company. If you want an enclosed carrier, you can get one quickly. Enclosed auto transport carriers charge twice the amount of an open page, so decide wisely—the cheapest or most affordable way to do it an open transport carrier.


If your pick-up and delivery locations are far away from major cities or interstates, you will have to pay more to get your car shipped. The most affordable way to get your vehicle shipped in situations like this is to be flexible with the drop location and be willing to drive and meet the delivery service at a more convenient location. For example, if you're approximately 45 minutes away from the nearest city, it is wise to drive up to the town, receive the delivery and drive back, and then make the guy go up to you and pay extra for almost nothing.


If shipping your car does not have a matter of urgency, try and choose your shipping months accordingly. The busiest months for car shipment are June-august, and the slowest months are December-February. Choosing time for your car shipping can help you save a bundle of money and get your job done.


Self-help is not the most practical option, but if you have the time and energy to do it, this could save you a substantial amount of money. Be your broker; get rid of the auto transport broker. Simply Google Car Carrier companies and contact individual carrier services yourself to get quotations. This process involves lots of work, as mentioned earlier. You will have to research every carrier company for proper licensing, insurance policies, and reputation. You will have to get quotations and decide accordingly. Since there is no mediator, you will have to be in charge of the pick-up and delivery of your car, coordinating with the carrier company. It is not recommended to most people as the minimum amount of money saved in this process is often not worth the time and stress involved, but it will save you money if you are up for it.


If you have time to spare in your hands or do not have any urgency, it is the cheapest way to ship your car. If you can wait for your vehicle to get to the delivery point from the pick-up point, you can save a lot of money. Having a tight delivery schedule will make you pay for a premium transportation charge. Most people who do not want to wait long or have some urgency have had to pay more than the usual transportation cost.


If you are shipping your car within 500 miles, this option is open to you as tow truck companies do not go any further. If your transportation is within range, this option will help you save a lot of money. Tow trucks are also helpful if you have a two-way delivery, i.e., you have to ship a car to a dealer for trade, and you need the new car delivered back to you. Tow Truck companies are reliable and a lot more affordable than carrier companies.


DIY is an opportunity for adventure for the brave and creative but will barely help you save any money. You will need to rent a car dolly or a trailer and access a truck to help you transport and tow your vehicle. Besides renting a trailer or car dolly, you will have to add gas expenses, food, and lodging depending on the distance of your transportation route. There is also a security risk factor that only a few can handle wisely.


You got a load of great deals on new cars a few states away, but what is the most affordable way to transport your vehicle? Shipping may not be the most affordable of all options. If luck favors, get a one-way ticket to your car and take a road trip. Driving your new car home is one of the cheapest ways to transport your vehicle. I say, "If luck favors," because there are many things that come into play when you plan on driving your car all the way home from another state. Factoring in the cost of the flight, the time you take the trip, taking a leave from work, gas, food, lodging, and many more can be expensive. But 'if luck favors,' you can end up saving a lot of money and skip all the hassle of hiring a carrier company and waiting for your car to arrive.


Almost as same as driving your car, if you have a family member or a trusted friend who is right behind the wheel, you can always ask them to help you out. It will help you save a certain amount of money, considering that you will have to pay for their return flight, the gas expenses on your part, and the wear and tear on the car due to a long journey. Keeping all these factors in mind, this is one of the cheapest ways to ship your vehicle.

BONUS: If driving the car yourself or asking a family member or friend is not an option. You can always opt to hire professional drivers to do the job for you.

In life, everything has a price. The car shipping industry does not stand out in that context. The lowest prices are usually for slower deliveries or less reputed organizations, so making a wise affordable decision is essential.

We have an analysis of how to ship a car to another state, I hope you would like it.


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