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Winter comes: Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

In this article, suppose you wonder how to prepare your car for the season with the harshest weather of the year and protect it from inclement weather and prevent traffic accidents. In that case, we give you Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers so that you do not suffer so much from your car or your safety. Anticipating and being cautious is crucial.

Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers : How do I prepare my car for the cold and snow?

Inspect the tires or replace them with winter ones

Check that your car's wheels are in good condition, that is: that they have no damage, that the rubber looks correctly and is not crystallized. The pressure is adequate (the one indicated by the manufacturer of the cold vehicle), and that the tread pattern and the depth of its grooves are more than enough to guarantee grip (about 3 millimetres). 

The examination of tires should be familiar to any driver, but it is possible to expand its recognition in an age that demands more from its performance and grip.

Suppose you do not want to take any risk, especially if you plan to drive on roads that can become slippery (for example, high mountain passes). In that case, it is advisable to install winter tires suitable for driving on ice and snow, improving its behaviour compared to summer when the asphalt temperature is below 7 degrees. Each unit costs between 150 and 300 euros depending on the manufacturer. If you have a smaller budget, you can choose to buy chains or covers.

The lighting system and the windshield, winter stars

Your car's lighting and especially the headlights are essential all year round, but they become critical in winter when the weather conditions are not good and there are fewer hours of sunlight. That is why we advise you to change the bulbs for new ones if they are halogen or xenon optics in the event of possible contingencies. 

At least, it is advisable to bring replacement material and replace the elements of both headlights at the same time when one of them burns out since the useful life of two identical bulbs is very similar.

Apart from the fact that, of course, the car's lights must also be well regulated and sufficiently intense (this includes the taillights and, more specifically, the brake and fog lights), the windshield is also essential for safety. in a car in winter. 

Check that it does not have significant impacts or cracks that could break the glass due to the thermal difference between the inside and the outside. Also, check that the windshield wiper blades are okay and if not, replace them soon.

Battery and liquids, keys to correct operation despite the cold

The variation in temperature causes the battery to suffer, and its capacity and duration are affected, aggravated by the large number of elements that make use of it in a modern car (it is not only about the starter). Inspect the state of charge of this device during the fall using a multimeter (commonly called a "tester") or go to a workshop where they can carry out this operation and recharge it if it is under voltage. 

If the battery is more than 5 years old and in use, replacing it with an equivalent one would be advisable.

Something similar happens with liquids, whose volume varies with temperature differences. They are essential fluids for the correct operation of combustion fuel. With the engine cold and with the car parked on a level surface, check that the coolant fluid levels, the brake fluid, the oil level, and the windshield washer are correct, replenishing any of them if necessary. Make sure you add the type of fluid that, in each case, is recommended by the manufacturer of your car. If you mix, you will compromise the reliability of the vehicle.

Other Winter Driving Tips for Truck Drivers, your vehicle to "survive" the winter

Although the most important thing has already been said, it is recommended that you do not forget some points. This is the case of brake pads and discs, wear elements whose condition must be perfect to guarantee safe braking. 

Also that of a small first-aid kit that every car should carry in the glove compartment or trunk with primary hygiene material, not to mention a wide range of accessories that will make your life easier in the face of an unexpected snowfall: ice scraper, rubber gloves, flashlight, blanket, ethyl alcohol, food, etc.

On the other hand, if your car sleeps on the street, don't hesitate to buy a cover. When you remove it and start it up, do it a little earlier than usual and allow the engine to warm up properly for a minute or two. With this, you will get the air conditioner to work and demist the windows before starting the journey. 

If you drive on salty roads, wash it often with pressurized water to avoid corrosion of the most exposed components (including the vehicle's underside). Take extra precautions, find out about traffic and keep the tank full.


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