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What are the Benefits of Green Eco-Friendly Cars?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Since the quality of air is depleting day by day it has become imperative to search for eco-friendly means to reduce the negative impact on environment. Hence nations all over the world have come up with a simple solution to save the environment. They have come up with eco-friendly cars so as to fight the pollution. It is believed that the eco-friendly cars will cut the world’s pollution to half and also decrease the dependency of nations on non-renewable sources of energy. Lets study in deep what is an eco-friendly car and what are its benefits.

What is an eco-friendly car?

An eco-friendly car is the one that do not use petrol or diesel as a fuel to move. Most of these cars run on electricity and some run on a combination of electricity and hydrogen-based fuel. Both of these methods of driving a car are low-cost methods of transportation and also does not emit harmful gases. They are therefore helping in reducing the amount of driver’s carbon footprint on the earth. Many countries have already started large-scale production of these cars and they are being regularly enhanced and redesigned to reduce pollution ad waste. Interestingly, these cars also require less maintenance than the gas-powered cars.

Benefits of green eco-friendly cars

  • Easy on pocket- on an average a person spends almost one-third of his paycheck on gas. Eco-friendly cars have eliminated this cost. Now no longer a person needs to spend thousands on gas or fuel. These cars un on electricity and hence saves you on a lot of money as compared with fuel-driven cars. For example, Hybrid Prius 46 is an eco-friendly car which runs on electricity as well as gas. It has large gas tank that can contain almost 11 gallons of fuel. After filling the tank a driver can drive nearly 600 miles before needing to refuel. Hence the cost per mile is almost $0.08, which is much lower than the regular cars.
  • Cheaper to maintain- an eco-friendly car or an electric car has a lot less moving parts as compared to conventional petrol or diesel cars. These moving parts require very low servicing and no expenses on exhaust system, fuel injection system, and many other parts that are not needed in an electronic vehicle. They have just one moving part which is the rotor still the cars are simple to drive and very sturdy. You only need to maintain the tyres, suspension and brakes and that’s it. Batteries do wear out after some time hence replacement battery will eventually be needed. But most of the manufacturers provide 8 years warranty on batteries hence the problem is sorted.
  • Better for the environment- eco-friendly cars have zero exhaust emissions, this way you are saving the environment from harmful gases. Also electronic cars use renewable sources of energy to recharge which further reduces green house gas emission. Some cars can be recharged using the solar panels during daytime instead of a grid. This saves on money and also is better for environment. On the other hand, manufacturers are also concentrating towards more eco-friendly production and materials for the eco-friendly vehicles. For example, Ford’s electric car Ford Focus Electric is made entirely of recycled material and its padding is made of bio based materials. Nissan has also produced an electric car whose interior and bodywork is partly made out of green materials such as, plastic bags, old car parts and also recycled water bottles. All these initiatives are helping the environment in some or the other way.
  • Fast and easy home charging- yes you read that right! An electric car can easily be charged at home. Charging the car at home is cost-efficient fast and utterly simple. You can install an all-weather, compact home charging unit at home and you are good to charge your car. In several countries the government is providing rants to people who are installing a charging unit in their home. Hence it is a win-win situation from all the corners. Once installed you will be able to charge your car by simply plugging in the cable when the car is parked. In simple words, it is as easy as charging up the phone. Most of the chargers in full capacity can charge a car in almost 8-10 hours. Rapid chargers can enhance the speed of charging even more, by charging the car up to 80% in almost less than an hour.
  • Quieter and more enjoyable rides- green eco-friendly cars or electric cars are very quiet, hence creates a very comfortable environment and provides a relaxing driving experience. They have an instant torque, which means you can switch on the engine in just one go unlike conventional cars. Accelerator gives an instant response as soon as you hit it and surges the speed of the car. hence these cars are ideal for city driving. The batteries of the car are installed in the floor of the car, which offers excellent weight distribution and also excellent balance. It’s easy to manage the car around corners and curves. You can effortlessly zip through the day traffic and glide across the town, in a clean and quiet manner.
  • Less dependence on foreign oil- green eco-friendly cars require very less fuel to power them across the same distance, and on the other hand, electric cars require no fuel at all. This means that all the major developing and developed countries now need not depend entirely on expensive foreign oil sources. This not only provides monetary advantages to the country’s economy but also saves the environment.

Final words

Above-mentioned points are just a few points regarding the advantages of green eco-friendly cars. However, most of the countries have understood its advantages and why they are important in saving the environment. But still it is a long way to go. It shall take some time for the whole world to adopt these cars. Till then we can just hope for the best and look for other ways also to save our mother earth.

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