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Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Truck drivers are not given enough credit, but if you think that truck driving is severe, you are correct. It is a fact that truck drivers get paid for as long as they drive, and the trucks have the capability to endure extreme weather and untamed roads. The truck drivers know exactly what they are up for, and like every job, truck driving also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Although hardworking, truck drivers have been subject to several false and atrocious misconceptions.


Truckers aren’t paid for comfortably sitting on a cushioned seat while transporting large quantities of materials or things. They need to be in constant control of the vehicle and everything in it.

Moreover, keeping a massive piece of heavy metal vehicle moving is an extensive physical effort and mental strength. It is not as easy as it looks to drive an enormous truck for several hours on a highway and keep the impeccable focus on the road and surroundings.


Living in a land of diversities, the trucking industry makes no difference. Almost 200,000 women are working as truckers in the US. So, the notion of truckers being all male and lonely is a false fact. Whether a man or a woman, anyone can earn a CDL license and be a part of the trucking industry. The minimum qualification required to be a truck driver is to complete an adequately approved training protocol and have the dedication to the work.


Another known misconception that revolves around the trucking industry is that truckers are socially unavailable due to their job nature. Although indeed, truckers often miss certain events in life due to the continuous long driving hours, it does not mean that they are absent all the time.

In today's world of technology, truck drivers can easily use their phones to call, text, or video chat with loved ones no matter where they are. Truckers can also choose to take short-distance trips, drive with colleagues, and meet new people on the road.


A truck driver's chances to get involved in a road accident are three times higher than that of a typical car. Accidents involving truckers are caused due to small vehicles driving into their blind spot and then stopping their car suddenly in front of the truck.

Driving experts always suggest truckers to maintain a secure distance from surrounding vehicles to avoid letting someone drive into their blind spot because big trucks are difficult to control in the blind spots.


Truck drivers are not expected to drive for 48 hours straight. Every truck driver has a riding shotgun to change roles, alternately driving the vehicle to complete tasks. Other truck drivers who ride solo have the option to rest at roadside hotels for five hours before they get behind the wheel again.

Truck driving is often affected by the lack of proper sleep. Still, unrelated factors, like eating habits, have a higher risk factor than sleep when it comes to performance and efficiency. No matter how long a trucker is on the road, they are always given enough time to rest and recharge.


The truth is, truck drivers, make a decent living with incomes exceeding $50000 a year. For instance, in the state of Mississippi, the numbers of truckers are leading in all of the countries. The hardest working truckers make a six-figure earning by the end of the year, especially if they have a business of their own.


When it comes to commercial trucks, almost every truck on the road these days have spacious cabins. These cabins have a sleeping quarter with a bed and often a shower. Since truckers drive for a fixed amount of time every day, they have time in their hand to rest and recharge. In these times, they do not need to be uncomfortable and easily lay back in the cabin.


Truck driving is one of the most dangerous forms of occupation in the US. Despite being a part of only 2.4% of all accidents annually, truck driving is exceptionally challenging. Most accidents involving trucks happen due to the passing of vehicles. Driving highly weighed materials over long distances on steep roads dealing with even difficult people makes trucking a job for strong-minded people.


Although it might look that trucks on the highway are racing themselves, it is not the case. Some trucks are needed to maintain steady speeds, while some trucks need to maintain higher speeds or no speed limits. In some cases, the truck's load decides the truck's momentum as a heavy vehicle needs to maintain a certain velocity to keep it from turning over.

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