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Top 7 Fuel Saving Tips to Help the Environment

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Do you know petrol and diesel are the biggest culprits in polluting our earth? Also, they are the commodities, which tends to get dearer with time. Hence saving fuel is an imperative aspect for saving earth as well as money. One of the most effective ways of offsetting the rising pollution is by ensuring that our vehicle gulps down less fuel and runs more on every tankfull. There are a few fuel saving tips that shall help you save some pennies as well as be less disastrous for our mother earth.

Now the general tendency is to blame fuel and vehicle for more pollution. However, excess pollution is also linked to our individual driving style. Also there are some vehicles, owing to their massive body weight and size of the engine consume more fuel than others while there are some who weigh less and are driven on smaller engines but delivers perfect performance.

Lets see some of the ways how we save on fuel and help the environment.

  • Use the least throttle- when you drive, monitor the way you drive. Try and put least amount of throttle possible. An engine consumes more fuel in overcoming inertia and attaining speed from stationary. Therefore to reduce fuel consumption accelerates in a steady and smooth manner. Also push the accelerator as softly as possible and build the speed smoothly. Fast acceleration and higher speed consumes more fuel unlike driving in a gentle manner. Screeching tyres certainly gives you adrenaline rush but it will also increase the fuel consumption hence polluting more than ever.
  • Anticipate and drive- when we drive we need to start or stop the engine multiple times but the trick is to smoothen the flow. Understand the flow of the traffic for the same. Plan your manoeuvres by anticipating the way traffic moves also, try and avoid unnecessary brakes and accelerations. Keep an eye on the traffic signal as well, try and spot them early so that you are able to get off the throttle. This also allows the vehicle to come to a stop smoothly rather than braking hard and screeching the tyres last minute. When you drive at a steady pace, you save on fuel and thus emit fewer gases.
  • Switch off the engine- when you are stuck in traffic don’t keep your ignition turned on. Switching off the engine saves on a lot of fuel and thus you restrict emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere. Also if you have a modern high-tech car, don’t play with the ignition on and off button. Excessive idling wastes a lot of fuel and also pollutes the environment. When you are standing on a signal switch off your engine only if you are going to wait for more than 10 seconds else don’t. Frequent pressing of on and off button also wastes a lot of fuel and emits more gases.
  • Shed weight and drag- keep in mind, “the lighter the vehicle, the lesser the strain on the engine”. When the overall weight of the vehicle is low, it will put very low strain on the engine and thus engine will consume lesser fuel. It is proved that the lighter vehicles consume less fuel than the heavier vehicles even if both are loaded with same engine. Hence buy a lighter vehicle and also try and keep the vehicle light whenever possible. Try and keep the boot of your vehicle empty, if you earlier filled it with heavy goods or unnecessary bags, get rid of them as early as possible.

A few of the cars have a roof rack which increases wind resistance and decreases the car’s speed. According to the research roof mounted luggage reduces the fuel efficiency and makes the engine emit more gases. Hence if you are not using the roof rack for a particular commute, get rid of it.

  • Maintain your car- only a properly maintained car deliver good efficiency and emits fewer gases. Many car owners have bad habit of skipping regular services to save some cash. They generally fix the car only when needed or after a break down. But servicing the car and getting the components replaced are vital for the health of it. Only a healthy car can perform optimally and save on fuel unlike a poorly maintained engine. For the health of the car it is also imperative to change and replace certain consumables like air and oil filter along with engine oil regularly. If the air filter is choked it result in engine producing lesser power which makes the drives press the accelerator even more. If you don’t change the engine oil it puts more strain on engine and thus makes it consume more fuel. Hence by now you must have understood that a vehicle, which is well maintained, consumes less fuel and is safer for the environment.
  • Increase tyre pressure- tyre is one of the most overlooked part of the car. But to keep the environment clean its well being is also important, lets see how. Between the vehicle and the ground tyres are the only contact patches. Most of the engine’s power is utilized in making the tyre roll. Low tyre pressure increases resistance and thus makes the engine work  more and increases its fuel consumption. Hence it is imperative to keep the tyres inflated at recommended pressure. Every week check the pressure of the tyre and also get it aligned at the recommended intervals.
  • Fuel quality- last but not the least, always watch out for a good quality fuel for you vehicle. Low quality fuel affects the engine and also pollutes the environment. Make sure it is not adulterated or the quality has been compromised in any manner. Tank up from big fuel pumps where there are minimum chances of adulteration. Also avoid filling the tank from a small or dodgy looking outlet.


On a number of factors fuel consumption of a vehicle depends. If a vehicle consumes more fuel its regardless to speak it emits more gases. Hence always keep you car in the good condition and improve your driving style.

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