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Mazda CX-5 V/S Mazda CX-30. Which is better?

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Mazda has updated the CX-5, the largest SUV sold in Europe, although it is medium. The first units will arrive at dealerships in January 2022 with a subtly renewed appearance and a series of improvements in terms of equipment and comfort. With this upgrade now available, the Mazda CX-5 could subtract some sales from the Mazda CX-30, another slightly smaller SUV with similar aesthetics, but with a more recent vehicle concept, as it was first launched on the market in 2020. It is visible, above all, in the arrangement of the cabin elements. Which of the two is better?

Mazda CX-5 2022 V/s Mazda CX-30

The main differences of the CX-5 2022 compared to the 2017 version are redesigned LED optics with matrix headlights, different bumpers, a new range of alloy wheels (all 19-inch) and a driving mode selector. In addition, paint has been added to the body colour palette, called Zircon Sand (beige). According to the brand, inside are more comfortable seats, a wireless charger for mobile phones and new decorative moldings. The manufacturer also says that it has increased the capacity of the trunk without specifying how much and that the chassis has been refined with a more rigid body and with the replacement of the springs and shock absorbers by ones that make the handling more precise and comfortable, something that we will verify when we test a unit.

The new CX-5 measures 4.55 meters in length, making it 15 cm longer than the CX-30. It is also 5cm wider (1.84m vs 1.79m) and 13cm taller (1.67m vs 1.54m) than this one. However, the interior space of the smaller model is better optimized so that they offer a similar cabin (the wheelbase of the CX-5 is 2.70 m and that of the CX-30 2.66 m). In addition, the boot is only 47 litres larger in the CX-5: 477 litres for the 430 of the CX-30. However, Mazda has reported a small profit on the 2022 version, which is still unknown. Both cars have five doors and five seats, but the CX-5 weighs 130 kg more than the CX-30, which could be reflected in the dynamic behavior.

The Japanese company has not announced changes in the mechanical range of the CX-5 2022 so that it will continue to have Diesel and gasoline engines, all four-cylinder, with contained powers between 150 and 194 CV in a combination of front or integral traction and associated with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed torque converter automatic, depending on the version (not all combinations are possible). Those of Diesel have 2.2 litres of displacement and turbo, while those of gasoline have 2.0 or 2.5 litres and are atmospheric. Acceleration and speed performance are varied but mediocre.

The 2020 CX-30 has two gasoline and lightly hybridized engines: one with 122 hp and 186 hp. Both have four cylinders and 2.0 litres of displacement. Both can have a manual or automatic transmission, but only the most powerful can access all-wheel drive, otherwise only front. Precisely, the 186 hp e-Skyactiv-X engine is one of the best power-consumption ratios on the market: from 5.6 l / 100 km in a combined cycle according to WLTP approval. Its benefits are in the average of its class.

Currently, the standard equipment of both cars is very similar, in the same way, that they share the optional elements and systems that they choose in each case. There are six finishes for the CX-5 (Origin, Evolution, Newground, Zenith, Homura and Signature) and three for the CX-30 (Origin, Evolution and Zenith), whose trim levels are closed and only allow customization in color, upholstery or accessories. In general, Mazda has made a strong bet in its two models for connectivity and active safety, which is why both cars have a wide technological endowment in terms of multimedia and driving assistants, although this does not distinguish them from their main competitors. 

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