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Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

I would like my car to be transported from point A to point B. I am looking for flexible service and would prefer my car not to run. What solutions meet my need?

Most truck hauler sites offer you to request a quote, providing a lot of information about the vehicle to be transported and its owner.

RCC Auto Transport is the first site to offer a simulation to get your price online in just a few clicks. We have several conveying solutions, including car transport by truck.

Auto Transport Services By Truck, How Does It Work?

Our truck conveying solution comes in two services:

  • truck transport between our centers with around twenty centers located in France
  • door-to-door truck transport between two addresses of your choice

Who transports my vehicle?

We have entered into partnerships with the best French carriers to be able to offer you quality services at the most attractive prices. Depending on your needs, we mandate one of our carriers to make your transfer.

Is my vehicle insured while it is being transported by truck?

Yes, we ensure all risks for your vehicle during transport.
Concretely, this means that whatever happens to the vehicle, RCC Auto Transport takes care of all repairs.

How much does a car transport by truck cost?

The price of your transport by a truck transporter depends on several variables:

  • the distance to be covered between departure and arrival
  • the type of your vehicle to be transported (car, utility, minibus etc.)
  • the state of the vehicle (running or broken down)
  • the scene setting and return of vehicles (from our centers or addresses of your choice)

The price indicated is an all-inclusive price, with no bad surprises on arrival. The prices will be defined by your offer (door to door or center to center), the size of the vehicle, and the distance between the departure and arrival cities.

How long does the truck transport take?

For vehicle transport by truck from the center to center, we can ensure delivery within shorter deadlines than conventional truck transport: allow 10 days from receipt of your order. For door-to-door truck transport, we will respond to your request within 12 days maximum.

Concretely, how is the transport of my car going?

Center-to-center truck transport

With center-to-center truck transport, you drop off and pick up the vehicle in the centers closest to the desired departure and arrival locations .

Center-to-center transport is the most flexible: you decide when you drop off the vehicle at our center, and you have up to 48 hours after delivery to pick it up at the arrival center.

Your vehicle is stored on a secure platform before and after its transfer by a car carrier.

For simplicity, the transport agent (owner or person in charge of the vehicle, whose name will appear on the invoice) is not necessarily present to take charge of the vehicle. In this case, he can give us the identity and contact details of the people present at the start and at the finish.

Door to door truck transport

Unlike center-to-center transport, we collect and deliver the vehicle to the addresses of your choice (or 2-3 kilometers away if the truck cannot access them).

Here again, you can designate a different person from the owner for the departure and arrival of the ferry.

Please note that the transport of broken-down cars can only be carried out by door-to-door truck.


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RCC Auto Transpor Best Car Transportation Everything was so easy the car info pick up and delivery. Moving vehicles is one of the most crucial parts of transportation Had no problems what so ever with the whole process. They are best at transporting vehicles. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to send their car to another state or city

Yair Knafo


These guys were perfect, did a great job, was early and the best value out there!!

Ryan Shiver


Great employees and customer service. Always willing to help out no matter what and great pricing. Thanks for. RCC Auto Transport

Rita Carey


This was our 2nd time using Auto Transport. They have a great team of people that assisted in our shipping of vehicles. We recommend them for your shipping.

Devid Kennor


I have used auto transport twice for vehicles to from the company using this system. Really pleased with the level of service I have received. Staff have been very professional and accommodating. Last but not least, very competitively priced compared to other shipping companies. Would recommend without hesitation.

Alex Jhonn


Excellent work, I'll hire again. Thanks

Amanda L. Mays

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