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Things You Need To Know About International Car Shipping Today.

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

If you want international car shipping, you probably want to know how to transport a car from one state to another. If you plan to drive the car yourself, the procedure may be easier, but if this is not the case, let's say you are planning to take a flight to your new location, there are some options for vehicle transfers that you should consider.

The key to your international car transport without any problem is finding and hiring an experienced international car shipping company, which is reliable and affordable. In addition to securing the services of one of the best car carriers in the country, you must also prepare your car for the transfer using a car shipping checklist.

Moving to another location and settling in a new home can bring a lot of emotion and anxiety. The transfer includes many details related to your relocation, packing your belongings, updating or gathering the necessary documents, investigating reliable removal companies and, in addition, thoroughly planning the transfer of a car to another country.

Upload your car with personal items and drive up to your new home is an alternative that you can consider but is not free of inconvenience, especially if the distance is large.

Send your vehicle using a shuttle service could be more economical.

Even if you move to a distant city, you can drive yourself and reach the desired destination. But, how convenient, safe and economical would it be? You must pay for gasoline, food, hotel services, and other car expenses associated with a long trip. Also, if something from your car is damaged, you will have to assume the expense of repair; on the other hand, a serious and responsible carrier will provide you with insurance if something occurs during the transfer.

Send your car through a transport company can be less stressful.

You probably have heard that international vehicle shipping is one of the most stressful events in life. And if you have already moved before, you know how true this can be very well. Plan each step, create an inventory list, pack and investigate your new locality is an effort that requires a lot of time. And if you have children, having to take them next to the pets and the rest of your things in your car could be a real nightmare.

How to transport a car through international auto shipping?

Below we will explain how to transport a car from one country to another by following simple steps. Remember that the most important thing will be good planning to prevent setbacks or problems from moving your car.

1. Select the international auto transport company to send your car

If you have already decided to use transportation services to send your car, you should first select the company with which you will work.

If you live in an important metropolitan center, especially a city that transports many cars such as Miami or Los Angeles, you can choose among many car transport companies. If you live far from any important interstate, you will have fewer options to make your choice.

How to know if an international car shipping carrier is reliable?

Google Reviews is a good place to start your research. Another alternative is to visit Trustpilot. Once you have read the reviews, consult Better Business Bureau. You must make sure that the company you are thinking about making the shipment is a trusted provider and you know how to transport your car to another state.

2. Calculate the shipping costs of a country to another

If you know someone who sent a car to another country, ask him which shipping company used it. It is likely that it shares your experience and tells you how much you paid to transport your vehicle. In addition to this, you will have to do a deeper investigation. As long as you find out about companies, look for the prices of each online company by calling or visiting offices personally. The main car transport companies also offer online quote calculators to help customers get quick and accurate quotes in seconds.

3. Choose the type of transport: Enclosed transport or open transport

By deciding to send a car to another state, you are likely to consider two options: Enclosed or open transport. Closed transport protects your car with four walls, a roof and a floor in a loaded truck. Outdoor transport moves your vehicle without the enclosure. The one you choose will depend on the brand of your car and your needs.

4. Program the shipment in advance

If you are programming for international vehicle transport from one country to another for the first time, there are some things you should know. The fact that the route you would take with your car seems relatively straight and easy does not mean that the route you will take the 18-wheel truck to transport your vehicle will be the same. This service is a great logistic puzzle in which a transport trailer can zigzag out in all its routes, collect vehicles, leave them and meet conditions that slow down the process.

Remove your personal belongings from the vehicle, check the glove compartment and the trunk. Additional items can increase your car's weight, and, worse, they are never included in the insurance of an overseas car transport company.

Finally, it would help to deliver the keys to your car to the truck driver; he will need them to upload and download your car in the trailer.

6. Gather the documents you will need to send the car from one state to another

Although it is ideal to have the record of the car, the title of the vehicle and the proof of insurance when making the shipment, in some companies, it will not be a requirement to show the three documents.

[caption id="attachment_7276" align="aligncenter" width="700"]international car transport international car transport[/caption]

It is advisable to keep your car insurance during the move. All overseas auto shipping companies ensure vehicles with their insurance policy, but it is better to have additional insurance.

What to do once you get your car to your destination?

Depending on your particular situation, you may be waiting to download the trailer car at the place of delivery or can be a friend or family member. In addition, depending on the conditions of the car and your budget, you may be left at the entrance of your home or take him to a parking lot to deliver it there.

As you might guess, the door to door service is more expensive. So you know what is included in your quote so you can plan the pick-up if necessary.

If you hire a responsible and experienced company, they will keep you updated about the location of your car throughout the shipping process. Once you get the car, the driver will check the person's identification to match the name you provided to the car transport overseas.

Change Log

After moving to another country, you will have to deal with some tasks after the relocation, including car registration. Since each country has different rules verified in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Local how long you have to perform management. In addition to paying a fee, you will probably have to provide the following documents to request new plates for the car:

  • Proof of ownership (vehicle title)
  • Security test
  • Inspection test
  • A government-issued ID

When you know how much you'll pay for sending your vehicle, you can set your moving budget, an essential task that should not be underestimated.

The distance between point A (your current home and physical location of your vehicle) and point B (your new home and the fate of your car will soon be transported) greatly influence the transport price.

The size, brand and specific model of your vehicle will also affect the amount you pay at the end. Larger sizes and more expensive or exotic cars will have a higher cost.

The total weight of your vehicle will also be taken into account; the heavier it is, the most expensive car is moving.

International automobile shipping companies offer different rates for cars, which is why you should not accept the first offer you present. You must compare the best prices for the same quality of service.

The amount you pay for insurance will add to the final cost of shipping the car.


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