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What do I need to know to choose a good international auto transport partner?

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The transport needs to send or bring goods from anywhere in the world are many and each client requires a different and personalized type of logistics service.

As a company of international transport, RCC Auto is prepared to offer services not only for transport but also for the storage of goods and their distribution, as well as document management of any operation.

Being able to offer the client these and other personalized services is a fundamental factor when choosing a partner in international transport.

"An international transport company must be able to offer any customer a series of personalized logistics services."

The 10 tips to choose a good partner as international transport companies

A company that has never exported or imported may not know of any international transport company. To begin with, you can start your search on the Internet, where you can find numerous operators who offer their services and explain which areas of logistics they are more specialized.

After carrying out this search, it is advisable to define a set of possible international transport companies that may be the most suitable partner.

Personalized attention

If you do not have an understanding of how the transport and logistics sector works, selecting an operator can be difficult. Therefore, the first step in choosing an international transport company is that, when you contact them, they already give us personalized attention. This implies that the professional or professionals who attend us must show interest in the needs of the client: what merchandise is going to export or import, where or from where what volumes or quantities, etc.

For this reason, the company looking for a logistics partner should look at those international transport companies that truly offer quality, specialized and personalized services to meet their needs.

Fluent and fast communication

When choosing an international transport partner, it is important to check that fluid and fast communication is established between customer and operator. Any queries must be addressed promptly and any problems or changes that may arise must be addressed and resolved as soon as possible.

RCC Auto's team of professionals is in permanent contact with its clients. Coordination and communication between departments mean that we can give quick responses and manage any incident in international transport operations, be they sea, land, or air.

Contrast the experience

The experience of an international transport company is a fundamental factor to have guarantees that it will adapt to what we need.

RCC Auto has extensive experience of more than ten years in international transport and logistics services. Our human team, with extensive knowledge in international trade, can offer proposals to exporting and importing companies to successfully perform any operation.

Training and professionalism

Each client and each merchandise are different and, therefore, require a different treatment.

An international transport company must have a staff of well-trained professionals. This can be quickly verified; If the customer raises questions, you should get a firm, reliable and clear answer.

RCC Auto's team of professionals is trained in each of the areas and activities that we offer as an international transport company: Marine transport, air, land, document and customs management, storage, etc.

Also, our human team is in the process of continuous training to incorporate new knowledge and all that information and news related, for example, with the regulations and standards of the international transport sector.

Comprehensive information on services

The international transport company has to offer any potential client extensive information on the services it can develop. Furthermore, to contribute to the internationalization process of a company, it must be able to offer fair prices for the services it provides.

The wide range of RCC Auto services is adapted to the needs that a company may have that are starting in the internationalization process. We provide simplicity and agility in processes and reliability and quality in our services at a fair price.

Reliable handling of goods

A company that begins to export or import does not have sufficient knowledge in international transport and is unaware of its importance in a supply chain.

International transport is one of the key factors because each merchandise needs to be treated in a specific way; It is not the same to transport food than, for example, chemical products.

Logistic services

Another important aspect to take into account is that the international transport company can offer us any type of logistics service that the client needs.

Transportation is essential, but other services such as the packaging of merchandise, labeling, or how the products are grouped and stored are also relevant.

These additional logistics services are also offered by RCC Auto, to give the customer the assurance that their goods will be treated and transported in the best possible way.

Innovation and technology applied to transport

The international transport sector is constantly changing at a technological level. New tools and applications emerge that allow more efficient and effective control of the logistics chain.

Therefore, when choosing a partner in international transport, we must verify that the technology it uses is one more ally within its professional activity.

The technological tools used by RCC Auto allow establishing fluid, fast and agile communication with the client. We can report in real-time in what state the transport of merchandise is. Our computer systems are permanently updated and we incorporate those technological solutions that allow us to precisely control the logistics chain.

Correct transport planning

Finally, to carry out an export or import operation, the international transport company must be able to tell the customer how the chain is going to be planned, in the sense of defining which is the best mode of transport and which is the best itinerary.

The direct contact that RCC Auto has with shipping, air, and land transport companies means that we can plan the best transport chain for a client. The objective that guides us is to meet the delivery times that the client needs.

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