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How to Ship a Convertible Car

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Are you moving across the country and owning a convertible car? You'll have to ship your car. It's because you've already made the first step in selecting the method by which your car will be shipped. It is now time to choose the person who will carry the vehicle that is the most vital aspect of the security of your investment.

How to Ship a Convertible Car?

If you have a classic or sports convertible of the present or even a basic sedan convertible (like one from Chrysler), be sure it's in good condition before shipping. Convertibles are more vulnerable to damage than a standard hard-top, particularly when transporting.

People who love driving convertibles, especially those with soft tops, need to pay greater attention to ensure they receive adequate maintenance and protection. The tops of convertibles with hard tops are constructed of steel or another robust material rather than cloth, making them less vulnerable to damage overall.

Continue reading to find out more about shipping a convertible vehicle!

Ship a Convertible Car

Clean the Exterior

Make sure that every inch of your car is clean from all sides. The next steps of the process are dependent on the exterior cleanliness. Cleaning the car thoroughly will cut down time once it's taken away.

Necessary Visual Inspection

After you've cleaned the exterior of your convertible vehicle, check your convertible for scratches or dings. Also, look for any stains, scratches, or marks. Cleaning your car before the examination is crucial, as dust and dirt can hide the scratches. It is essential to examine the car's visual appearance to identify any damage that may be visible. Picking a freight brokerage like Ship a Car gives you peace of mind knowing that their base of operations has been thoroughly vetted and is able that your vehicle is transported to the correct destination safely. Your car is in good hands of RCC.

Raise the Top of the Car

When it is being transported, the convertible should always be able to have its top raised. Also, you must ensure the windows are raised before they are put on the car transporter. Keeping the top and windows down could cause the interior of the top to break, which can be costly to fix or replace. Furthermore, the interior of a convertible may suffer serious damage if its top is not removed during adverse weather conditions, even though it's not anticipated. To prevent internal damage when the vehicle is being moved to a new destination, if the convertible isn't equipped with a top, you must purchase an enclosure to cover it for auto transport.

Enclosed Shipping

Opt for Enclosed Shipping

It's an excellent idea to transport your vehicle in a container to avoid damage occurring during transportation. The majority of damaged vehicles are damaged when they vehicle is being picked up and delivered or delivery of vehicles. However, with enclosed auto transport, the risk of damage is minimal. How? The vehicles need to be stacked on two racks inside enclosed transport trucks. Instead, they use race ramps with hydraulics and lift gates.

The result is that fewer vehicles are being shipped by truck, and there is less chance of other automobiles suffering injuries during unloading and loading. The vehicle's interior is susceptible to transport damage if it is exposed to elements.

Convertible cars do that easily, regardless of whether you're transporting it through Texas or another dry area.

Select the enclosed shipping option, even if it's more expensive since it's safer. Additionally, enclosed transportation protects your convertible from hazardous elements, like the sun.

Raise the Top of the Car

Cover the Car's Interior

You are transporting a convertible that needs to be handled with attention. If the vehicle's interior is especially nice or recently renovated, you'll need to be extra cautious. You could, for instance, protect the interior using plastic or cloth and then keep the windows open and top it up.

Keep a photo of your car.

It is also an excellent idea to save photos of your vehicle of any damage, for example, scratches, paint chips, or scratch marks. Images are required to be taken from a variety of angles and must be of good quality. Images will be useful as a reference. They could also be an additional insurance option to find any recent damage on your car, but it's unnecessary.


These guidelines will assist you in safely transporting a convertible vehicle to the intended destination. Moving a convertible vehicle can be difficult because one must know the appropriate steps to take when moving. A reputable shipping service can assist in ensuring a successful and seamless transfer.

If you're searching for an experienced shipping service to relocate your convertible car take a look at us! With our years of expertise, we know how to accomplish tasks quickly and effectively.


Selecting the best shipping company is crucial to securing your convertible vehicle's shipping. RCC Auto Transport can help to ship your convertible vehicle efficiently and securely.


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