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Do You Know How to Ship a Car?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

If you don’t know how to ship a car then you must read this article? Here we are offering the best tips and advice that what to consider before you ship a car.

So read it carefully, so you can transport your car hassle and risk free.

How to Ship a Car?

Car transport is associated with certain obligations and procedures that must be fulfilled. How the vehicle will be transported, what documents are necessary and the price of the service depends on the car that needs to be transported, in what condition it is, and the distance of the route. Before hiring a carrier, you must take into consideration several important points and have the required documents.

Communication with your carrier 

Optimal communication between the customer and the carrier is necessary when preparing the transport of cars. It is convenient for the customer to provide the carrier with detailed information about the vehicle to be transported. Weight and dimensions are the main things you need to know. If you are not sure how much the car weighs and what the exact dimensions are, you can check it through the make and model of the car. Also, be sure to inform the transport company about the condition of your car and if your car is damaged, the preparation of transport will be different. The key point is whether the car starts and can move and whether the tires are in good condition. If the wheels are missing or damaged, specific equipment is required to load the vehicle,

In addition, any fault or defect in the vehicle should be mentioned. It is better not to overlook each of these details, no matter how small, and attach photos. Thanks to this, if the vehicle is damaged in transport, the real state of the car can be easily checked prior to transport.

Required Documents and Procedures

In order to transport a car, the carrier needs to have a series of mandatory documents. When ship car across country, a contract is required where all shipment data is recorded: information on the person sending the vehicle and the company in charge of transport, transport price, date and place of collection, as well as the destination and the planned date of completion, instructions on procedures at the border, and a list of papers delivered to the carrier. 

If the car is new, we recommend providing a copy of the purchase invoice. A copy of the registration certificate is also required. Furthermore, when moving a vehicle abroad, you must not forget the customs documents. The transport company will need them to be able to cross the border of the European Union.

Before entrusting the transport of a car to the selected carrier, check if they have insurance that covers the damages in case of suffering them during the transfer.  

Ways to Transport a Car

The transport of cars by road is carried out with trucks or tow trucks. Cranes can be of various types: tow cranes were the first to be invented, but they are being used less and less. Towing cranes, which use a metal yoke instead of chains and flatbed or stretcher cranes, the most widely used today since they transport the car on a platform, without being dragged. Roadside assistance companies generally have these types of tow trucks and use them to tow damaged cars.

For car transporters, there are two models, the open one that is the most used and the closed one, which does not allow the load to be seen from the outside, protecting it from inclement weather.

It is very important to secure the cargo well during transport, since a poorly secured car can endanger the carrier and other road users, in addition to damaging the transported goods. The most common way to fasten the car is by means of straps, all the wheels must be connected with said belt. The strap consists of webbing and a tensioner at one end. Carriers can use other types of methods to secure the car to the trailer. However, the most important thing is that the car is firmly attached.

A wide range of brands can be found among the transported vehicles. Volkswagen is one of the most popular, followed by Audi and BMW. But Renault and Ford's cars are also transported from our platform. 

Among the vehicle transport requests that are published on RCC Auto Transport, sometimes we find special curiosities and that is that the number of requests for shipping classic and luxury cars is increasing. 

You can give them all the information before accepting their offer and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to solve them with them through the messages. It is very important to confirm the dates and times when loading and unloading will take a place to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and to hire a safe and efficient transport for your car.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car

The price of car transport can vary and depends mainly on these factors: distance from the place of loading to the place of delivery, dimensions and type of the car to be transferred, the state in which the car is, the type of company of transport, as well as if the car will be transported under the groupage mode (sharing the transport with other clients to complete the loading of the vehicle). In this case, or when loads are taken to avoid empty return trips, carriers may offer lower prices to move your car.


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