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Heavy Transport Vehicle : What to Consider?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

The Heavy Transport Vehicle requires machinery and qualified personnel. That is why you must know how it works and choose the most appropriate company if you need to hire this service. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about Heavy Transport Vehicle. 

What to Consider Heavy Transport Vehicle?

Before explaining how the transport of heavy vehicles is carried out, it should be clarified that, according to current legislation, this type of vehicle includes those whose maximum authorized weight is greater than 6 tons and with a load capacity of more than 3.5 tons. These are vehicles specially designed for the transport of goods, such as tractors or machinery.


The sectors that most demand the transport of heavy vehicles are mainly three: 


Mainly tractors, combines, rototillers, and large agricultural trailers, either to transport them to their destination when they are bought new or second-hand.


In this sector, we work with machinery whose weight and dimensions are also outside the standards, such as bulldozers, dumpers, or cranes (mobile, telescopic, tower, etc.). Therefore, when it is necessary to move it, it is essential to resort to the transport of heavy vehicles.


It is a sector that often requires the transport of heavy vehicles, such as trailers or milling machines. 


Some of the situations in which a heavy vehicle transport service is most demanded are, for example:

  • When the type of machinery we have mentioned has been purchased, it must be transported to its final destinationFor example, this occurs when the dealer or point of sale is in a distant city.
  • Today it is also widespread to buy second-hand tractors online, often in locations far from the buyer's residence. In these cases, the solution is to hire a service for the transport of heavy vehicles.
  • Another situation in which this service is required is when agricultural, industrial, or construction machinery fairs or events occur.


There are two types of trucks for the transport of heavy vehicles: boom trucks and gondola trucks.


Loading and unloading the merchandise thanks to a crane built into the chassis. In addition to transporting heavy vehicles, it is also used to move loads within the crane's area of ​​action, remove cars from public roads, or rescue vehicles with accidents or difficult access. 


It is also known as a platform truck; it is the most widely used equipment for transporting heavy and oversized volume vehicles, mainly agricultural, industrial, and construction machinery. It incorporates a special reinforced trailer to withstand heavy loads without damaging the axle. The gondola trucks for the transport of heavy vehicles can have two, three, or more axles, depending on the maximum load weight they can transport.

This weight can be up to 40 tons, and 16 meters in length, four meters in width, and three and a half meters in height. 

The gondola trucks for the transport of heavy vehicles can be:

  • Standard: when a vehicle or machine exceeds the height allowed on conventional platforms, this type of gondola truck is used. 
  • Low chassis: because the chassis is lower than usual, it can load vehicles and machines very high and avoid obstacles during transport. 
  • Tube carrier: it is the most specific gondola truck since it is used exclusively to transport heavy vehicles with a cylindrical shape. 


According to the General Vehicle Regulations, to drive a gondola truck, the type of equipment most used for the transport of heavy vehicles, a special permit is necessary when the merchandise exceeds 20 tons. If not, it is not required. 

HOW TO HIRE A Heavy Vehicle Transport SERVICE?

If you need to hire a service for the transport of heavy vehicles, you must choose the company well, since as you have seen, it is a type of transport that requires special machinery (gondola trucks) and qualified personnel.

To obtain your budget, you must indicate to the carrier the dimensions of the cargo you want to transport. In general, you will only have to tell the type of vehicle (for example, tractor) and its model.

Also, to prepare the exact budget and provide a better heavy vehicle transport service, the company will request other information, such as the vehicle's state, that is, if it is damaged or not, if it starts or not for himself, etc.

Finally, you must indicate the exact pick-up and drop-off points.

At We Transport Your Car, we are experts in the transport of heavy vehicles. We have several gondola trucks, all of them equipped with a winch, a mechanical device that allows us to load and transport heavy vehicles even if they are damaged and do not start.

If you need a heavy vehicle transport service, be it a tractor or any other type of agricultural, construction, or industrial machinery, request your budget without obligation. And, of course, if you have any questions, contact us. We will be delighted to help you!

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