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Top 5 Fuel Saving Tips

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Regardless of the place where you live or the type of car you own, you can always pull more mileage from each tank you fill. You can really make a huge difference even if the improvement is of meager one or two kilometers. Your efforts will not just save money for you but it shall prove to be beneficial for the world as well. When you enhance fuel efficiency you burn less fuel, drive more and emit fewer gases in the atmosphere. As you already know that emission of carbon di oxide from automobiles play major role in increasing the global temperature. So you need to understand that climate change is real, most of its effect is irreversible and it has already affected many places around the planet. Hence today is a good day to start saving on fuel and enhancing car’s mileage. Let’s see how you can do this.

5 Fuel Saving Tips

Its worthy to note at this point that all the below tips will slightly increase the mileage of your car which you might never feel but will make a substantial difference for you.

  • Avoid over speeding- “slow down a bit” is the motive here. You might not agree but one of the most easiest and the most efficient ways of saving fuel and emitting less gases is reducing the car’s speed. When you drive fast your car’s engine tends to consume more fuel hence it is better you slow down your car’s speed. Lets take an example to understand this, suppose you are driving your car at 80km/hr, at this speed your car is supposed to burn double the fuel when compared to driving at 40km/hr. however, its worthy to take a note that too low or too high speed, both can cause high fuel consumption. Keep in mind that fuel consumption is lowest when you drive in between 45 km/hr to 75 km/hr.
  • Change your driving style- if you are one of those rash drivers, you need to change your driving style. If you accelerate the car gradually after changing the gear very smoothly your car will consume very less fuel. If you anticipate the stop a little early you can avoid applying sudden brakes, which consumes more fuel. Also frequent sudden brakes affects the working of the engine hence it is better in all the ways that you change your driving style. If the stats are to be believed, driving aggressively and applying sudden brakes burns 20% more fuel than expected. Therefore by driving safely and smartly you can save on a lot of fuel. Also drive smoothly, turn off the engine when the car is standing idle and take care of your car if you intend to save on some fuel.
  • Drive the car on the highest possible gear- when you start a car it is designed to start from the lowest gear because you get the most power for acceleration from the lower gears, but you can increase fuel efficiency if you drive at highest gears. If you stay longer at lower gears your car will gulp more fuel than ever. Also avoid driving slowly at the highest gear or else the time to refuel will come quickly. Therefore go for the highest possible gear if you have enough room to do so and by any chance avoid staying at low gears for long.
  • Schedule regular maintenance- most of the people avoid getting the car serviced to save money and till there is a breakdown. This is a common practice amongst car owners but they hardly realize in saving a few pennies they incur huge expenses on servicing later on and fuel. One of the most essential thing that you can do as a car owner is that keep up with your recommended car maintenance schedule. No matter which car you own and how expensive it is, every car needs regular inspections, fluid top-offs, and tuneups to keep it in a running condition. Proper and timely maintenance of car helps you avoid issues that affect the car’s fuel economy. Therefore don’t skin your car’s servicing and get it done today to save money and any future accidents.
  • Use air-conditioning selectively- one of the most severely added burden on your car engine is air conditioner as it increases fuel consumption. The stats speak that you can save on at least 4% fuel if you drive without using an air conditioner. Try avoiding using air conditioner as much as possible and when the outside temperature allows you to do so, especially during winter season. You can also try and open the air vent of your car or windows when you drive at slow speed. This will allow fresh air to enter your car and you will feel much comfortable.


The list above is not exclusive but inclusive. There are many points which a smart car driver can add here who has already devoted himself in saving on fuel while driving. However it is never too late for you to start saving on fuel, as a step well taken today shall be fruitful tomorrow. Also remember that by doing so you are doing some grave deeds for your mother earth.

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