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Does the Time Change Affect Driving?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

This weekend wintertime is introduced. We will all have to turn our clocks back an hour to get dark earlier, and the sun will rise earlier in the morning. The objective is to take advantage of more sunlight since the number of hours of light in winter is up to six hours less than in summer.

Does this time change affect driving? Well, yes, in the same way, that our habits are modified, there are consequences in any activity that requires concentration, such as driving, where capacity can be diminished during the first weeks. In this situation, we must take into account several aspects:

Pay more attention

The organism is affected (there are more and less), and the rest is worse. With fatigue, reaction times to unforeseen events increase, making mistakes easier, and distractions increase.

The best thing in these first days or weeks is maintaining adequate rest habits to combat the time change effectively. Some people try to change their sleeping habits beforehand. It is ideal, but not everyone can do it, of course. At RCC Auto Transport, we leave you a trick: intense exercise also accelerates the adaptation to the new schedule.

Don't abuse stimulants like caffeinated drinks. Although the consumption of coffee or similar beverages helps alleviate the lack of sleep, an excess dose increases the irascibility; when at the wheel, it is necessary to remain calm. And watch out if you are prone to migraines or stress: these days, you are usually more prone to episodes of pain.

You may consider that the time change does not affect you. You may be correct, but other drivers are. It is necessary to raise the level of attention and increase the safety distance a little if something happens. It never hurts.

Light changes

In addition to the biological clock, time influences the hours of light that we have. It is easier to drive in the low sun, so it does not hurt to have sunglasses and clean car windows in the car. There is nothing more blinding than the intense sun when it hits a dirty windshield.

Knowing how to use car lights is also crucial. Since August 2012, new cars must have daytime running lights (DRL) technology to improve visibility. Vehicles with a lighting system switched on as soon as the brightness is not enough is also standard. But it doesn't hurt to remember the basics.

The DGT itself recommends that vehicles with (DRL) circulate with the low beam to help other users see it… and reduce the accident rate by up to 10%. Yes, the crossing. The position light is only suitable when the vehicle is parked on a poorly lit road; under no circumstances can you drive along with it. And, of course, use your high beams whenever possible, but without dazzling other drivers.

And one final tip to avoid unnecessary scares: change the time on your car's clock. You wouldn't be the first to get confused and nervous for a while, something that can lead to a dangerous situation on the road.

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