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Citroën Berlingo Van Dimensions and Boot Space

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The Citroën Berlingo is manufactured in Spain at the PSA Group plant in Vigo (Galicia). It is a commercial vehicle that, in its MultiSpace version, becomes a very versatile car for the transport of passengers and luggage at the same time. It can have 5 or 7 seats and has two bodies available: the M and the XL.

Citroën Berlingo

The Citroën Berlingo is 4.75 meters long on its most extended body and offers a wheelbase of more than 2.97 meters. Its good height results in an exceptionally spacious cabin, more significant than that of the vast majority of SUVs and family cars. Legroom, both in the rear and front seats, is very generous. 

It is a recommended vehicle for large families or users who need to transport a lot of cargo.

Its track width, like its width, is the only "but" that can be put to the French model. It means a narrower body with less shoulder room, but that copes well with the high overall height and length. 

Squares and gates

Squares and gatesModel

The Berlingo is a five-door body model regardless of whether we choose it in the medium or long body. Their seats vary, up to 5 or up to 7 occupants depending on the configuration selected. One of the advantages of the French model is that both options are available in both body sizes.


TrunkModelAverage of competitors
Cargo compartment capacity 7 seats (l)322654
Load compartment capacity 5 seats (l)850-

Instead of showing the luggage compartment capacity with the rear seats folded down, we have decided to offer the volumes with 7 and 5 chairs, respectively. The 322-liter ability corresponds to the size of the 7-seater version with all seats raised. A pretty good figure that surpasses almost all 7-seater SUVs. For its part, the 5-seat version has 850 liters of capacity.

It is also a perfect figure; thanks to the body's generous dimensions and the model's wide wheelbase, Citroën has managed to take advantage of its trunk in its size XL.

In this way, the Citroën Berlingo is positioned as a good alternative for people who want to combine work and leisure in the same car. It is a model suitable for "express" getaways, long trips, and the demands of everyday life, both as a commercial vehicle and as tourism—versatility at its best.

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