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How to Prevent the Car Stuck in Snow?

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

The first safety rule so that the car does not get stuck in the snow is to try to avoid this meteorological phenomenon by all means. For this, there are two straightforward measures to adopt:

1. You always have to travel pending the weather forecast and take measures to avoid traveling on roads where we know there will be significant amounts of snow.

2. We can also be attentive to the alerts and notices of the DGT with its mobile application.

However, many times we cannot avoid traveling where there is snow. When car stuck in snow , we must be prepared.

To face a possible situation in which the car is trapped in the snow, we must check that we have:

· The tank is full.

· The mobile charged.

· Wheels in perfect condition.

In addition, in the trunk we must carry:

Chains: Textiles are an excellent option, light and easy to put on.

A small shovel: There are folding ones that are inexpensive and do not take up space.

Salt: If we travel to a snowy area, a bag of salt is cheap and will come in handy to free a car trapped by snow. If you can't find it, buy cat litter.

Flashlight, water, and some non-perishable food.

What to do if the Car Stuck in Snow But Starts?

If we find ourselves with the vehicle trapped by snowfall,  the first step is to remain calm.

After that, follow these tips:

· Remove the snow from the wheels with the help of the shovel and open space around it to gain traction.

· If you have salt, put it where you removed the snow.

· If the wheels do not respond well and do not have salt or another substance that allows traction (sand, gravel, etc.), use the car mats, branches, or a wooden or metal plate.

· If you have exceptionally swollen wheels, let some air escape; it can help them grip better.

· To free the car, always use the lowest gear and accelerate little by little.

· If nothing works, try rocking the car in reverse gear, opening space, and immediately changing direction several times back and forth to open space. Be careful because you can overload the transmission.

What to do if the car gets stuck in the snow, won't start, and we are inside:

The worst-case scenario is that the car has been trapped in ice or snow and does not respond.


Stay in the vehicle, with the engine running and the heater on.

Do not fall asleep.

Report our situation to the insurance or 911, depending on the severity. This way, they will be notified of our situation and will inform us if the snowplows or the security forces plan to access our area

While they arrive, it is essential to watch that the exhaust pipe is not blocked by the snowfall and to open the window to air the car from time to time.

A heavy blizzard is an unpleasant situation, but you will know what to do if your car gets stuck in the snow by following these guidelines. A beneficial solution to this type of problem is to have a Mobile Alarm service. In case of an incident, you can contact the Alarm Receiving Center to receive your alert in less than 30 seconds.

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