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When you look for a safe place to buy or sell cars online, numerous websites can help you find used cars or list your car for sale. But surfing through all the sites can be a tedious job and also time-consuming. Here are some of the best websites that will help you buy a second-hand car or sell your vehicle at ease.

Best Site to Sell Car


Cars.com is one of the top websites for auto sales as they have an extensive listing and a vast inventory. When you are selling a car on Cars.com, it doesn't matter if you are choosing the free listing or paid option, your listings are also routed to their other websites like Auto.com and NewCars.com. They also offer you quick sale options to various dealers; this helps you move your car as fast as possible. A disadvantage for sellers while making a fast sale is the cut down on the profit they could make from the vehicle, but this turns as an advantage for the buyers who are looking for affordable second-hand options. If your car is not of any model that is in high demand or you do not have good pictures of your vehicle to upload, it might not be easy to make your car an exceptional choice in all the listings.


The unique search options enable buyers to look for specific models, and options make AutoTrader a choice for buyers. On the other hand, the sellers like the website because it assured money-back guarantee, which means no sale, no charge. The listing on AutoTrader is also directly syndicated on Kelley Blue Book. If a seller is looking for a fast sell without worrying about the best price for his car, AutoTrader has a quick sale option to sell the vehicle to dealers. 

eBay Motors ( ebay car transport)

If you are familiar with the way eBay works, selling your car locally on eBay would be the best option. Although people once found selling cars on eBay very surprising, it is a platform that helps you sell your car quickly. When it comes to car listing, eBay charges nothing for local listing and national listing costs from $65-$125. On eBay, most cars and trucks sell faster than usual. The only disadvantage of listing on eBay is that a buyer can back out from a sale without reason, making it an issue for the sellers.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has its fingers in almost every online pie. The Facebook marketplace was designed to help sellers list their cars locally because nearly everyone is on Facebook, and people to check out the marketplace posts for things they can buy. The only criteria for listing your car on the Facebook marketplace has a Facebook account, so if you have one, you are already there. The most significant advantage of Facebook Marketplace is that it allows you to look at the buyer's profile to help you figure out if the buyer is legitimate. Also, the listings on Facebook are free. There are flaws too, but it's free, so it's worth it.


Another site that allows free listing for sellers is CarGurus. However, a drawback of this website is that it charges the seller $99 for every sale irrespective of the purchase price. There are over 20 million buyers on this site per month because of a unique feature specific to this site. If a seller is unwilling to compromise their profit for a faster sale, this website is not the best choice.


If you are looking to buy or sell classics and collector cars, Hemmings is where you go. Hemmings is very popular with car enthusiasts looking for classics, and the website is not joking when they say that their listing reaches millions of potential buyers. The online listing of Hemmings is published in print in the Hemmings Motor News. The most exciting part of this website is that the buyers know exactly what they are looking for, and the sellers are all the same. For example, if you are selling a 1969 Ford Mustang, the buyer loves the car as much as you do and knows precisely how classic car transportation works.


The best thing about Craigslist listing is that it is free. Moreover, it allows you to make an extraordinarily local and photo-rich listing that does not worry about auto transportation to a distant buyer. The only disadvantage of craigslist is the nationwide audience of buyers and a slow-selling rate. It is up to the seller if the wait is worth the sale.


CarMax is another website that gives you the scope of real offers for your vehicle online. Although completing a sale through CarMax requires your physical presence at one of their stores for the appraisal of your car. But this is the case with almost all sites that buy cars; you will get a lower rate for your vehicle than what you would have got selling it to another person. But the best part about CarMax is that you will leave their store with the money and in case you are buying, they make sure you get all the paper works necessary personally.

When it comes to selling cars, it is most comfortable when selling to a dealer. They have their contacts for auto transport brokers and carrier services to pick up your vehicle, and your responsibility ends the moment you hand over your keys.


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