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Best Fuel Efficient Cars For 2019-2020

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

As fuel prices are increasing day-by-day it is very important to own a fuel-efficient car. The best Fuel-efficient cars are those that consume less fuel and saves owner`s money and the environment too. As the global warming situation are getting worst day by day one of the best ways to protect the environment is by using cars that are fuel efficient. It is we who are destroying our environment bit by bit. Therefore, by buying the best fuel-efficient cars we make the environment better, air cleaner, and less pollution around for future generations to come.

Why Do We Need Fuel Efficient Cars Today?

We need to buy fuel effective cars due to the following reasons

  • As it emits almost no smoke hence, making the air free from pollution.
  • Such cars consume less amount of gas and in return give great mileage hence, help to save a good amount of money.
  •  Cars emit dangerous gases that make the air we breathe full of pollution and are harmful for human beings, animals and birds too.
  • People are dying due to diseases like lungs cancer, heart attacks, and other health issues as air we breathe is so polluted.
  • As today`s generation is shifting to driving a fully automatic and electric car we all using less of fossils fuels thereby less gas usage and less smoke emission.
  • People are getting aware about environment as mostly all have shifted to using hybrid cars  that are much fuel efficient. Hybrids are designed in such a way that environment is not destroyed in anyway.
  • Companies now are dealing with cars that are fuel economical, and environment friendly therefore making people care about saving money as well as saving energy.

The Best Fuel Efficient Cars Of 2019-2020 Are Listed Below:- (non hybrid cars)

The list below consists of cars that are really spacious, comfortable, stylish and perform really well in the city as well as highways.

  • Kia Forte- this car is rated for its fuel efficiency and lowest gas consumption. The car is very spacious and a comfortable car different from other KIA`S models. With 147 Horse power and fuel consumption of 5.74 Liter per 100 km (highway fuel economy). It is slightly longer than the second generation model. With a price of $18,690 this car stands apart from other fuel efficient models.
  • Hyundai Elantra Eco- another energy saving device that consumes fuel up to 5.8 liters for per 100 km. it holds a turbocharged cylinder of 1.4 liters makes it a powerful car in itself. With a price of $21,050 this car is in the top list of non hybrid cars.
  • Toyota Yaris- Toyota is known for its services and excellent speed. Yaris is available at an affordable price of $16,700 that helps to save money by not compromising with style. 1.5 liter cylinder in placed in Toyota Yaris. For best fuel speed economy there is an option to drive at 6 speed auto sport mode. With 7.35liter mileage in the city and 5.88 liter is its highway fuel efficiency. It comes with all the important features that one needs for a fuel efficient car.

Best Fuel Efficient Cars In The Hybrid Section For The Year 2020

  • Ford Fusion Hybrid- with a sporty look and classy interiors the ford fusion is one of its kinds in the hybrid section. It’s a reliable car with great safety features. It has all necessary features one will look for when buying a fuel efficient car in 2020.
  • Lexus ES Hybrid- one of the luxury cars that is also saves a lot of money of the owner as it saves fuel to. With its outstanding performance with its cushioned seats, spacious leg space, large trunk and more. It also has first aid safety kit that makes it perfect for highway drives or long distance drives.
  • Honda Accord Hybrid- it performs as it says smoothly and with speed. Has really good fuel economy that makes it one of the top cars in the list. With comfortable seats , remote control trunk release Bluetooth, internet access, USB port, auto start engine with just a push button, gas usage in the city is 48 MPG  and highway is 48 MPG all these features make this car perfect. With a basic 3 year warranty it is a very demanding car in 2020.
  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid- another car with a 4.6 expert rating and 52 MPG combined city and highway fuel economy makes it one of the best choices of 2020. This long luxurious car has a class in warranty, with exclusive tech features and ideal safety features this car is loved by all. In the year 2020 the new models pricing starts with $23,400 and goes about $33,300. A great car in respect of design, fuel economy and quality of drive.
  • Porsche Tyscan- a class car with a perfect 5 rating it’s a luxury that you can own for yourself. With 69 MPG fuel economy it is ideal if budget is not an issue. Full electronic car that has emission free power train that makes it very eco friendly. Very practically designed in both inner as well as the outer. 4 to 5 persons can adjust very well in the car and it is comfortable to drive for long distance.


Today, when people are buying new cars they specifically go for cars that are fuel economy and environment friendly as they are much more aware. The best fuel efficient cars that one must buy in 2020 are Honda insight,  Toyota Prius, Mitsubishi Mirage, Hyundai Ioniq, Kia Niro, Toyota corolla and more. You can buy any car but one thing to remember is that it depends on the driving of the driver to make a car more productive and consume less fuel so that it remains as it is for a very long time. Therefore, drive safely and smoothly to make your car fuel efficient in the year 2020.  As protecting the environment and making it worth living is in our hands


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