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The Automation Revolution In Logistics And Transport Processes

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality

Electronic commerce, the boom in new technologies, and the growing number of users who make their purchases through the Internet are forcing logistics and transport companies to reinvent their logistics processes.

It is expected that by 2025 the transport companies dedicated to logistics and transport that do not have good automation systems will disappear.

But what systems are we talking about? How do they affect the transport company? And the consumer?

The revolution of logistics and transport automation in the transport company

Driverless trucking companies

Driverless trucking companies or truck uberization are becoming increasingly important. In a very short time, we will see an increase in the presence of autonomous truck companies on our roads.

Among the advantages of this automation process in logistics and transportation, we find that logistics service providers will be able to improve their delivery times. Consequently, the customer's experience with the freight company will become more satisfactory.

These systems can be implemented in all our subsectors.

Collaborative Robots or Cobots

Collaborative robots or cobots will be used to accelerate repetitive processes in logistics and transportation in the transportation and logistics company.

Some of the tasks that Amazon already proposes to robotize are tasks as simple as packaging.

 The packing speed of a robot has been recorded to be up to five times that of a human. This allows the freight transport company to accelerate the delivery processes, fulfilling more orders with a lower investment of time.

Use of augmented reality in logistics and transportation

Thanks to the augmented reality glasses, operators will be able to access the information of order by looking at a specific area.

Augmented reality works through a device in the form of glasses. When looking at certain points we see elements that are not physically there, in the case of the freight transport company it can be the technical file of an order, a product, or a customer. 

 Wearables in the transport company 

Wearables are smart electronic devices, worn on clothing or worn on the body.

They allow us to give and receive information very quickly to an employee or group of employees of the logistics and transport company. Streamlining processes and solving problems quickly.

 For this, we use the IoT, the internet of things, which connects the elements of daily use to the network to transfer said information.

Automation of e-commerce in logistics and transportation

For example, sensors integrated into the IoT and verification systems guarantee the correct management of an order, which helps us to minimize incidents, thus speeding up delivery times and procedures.

The automation processes of the international and national logistics and transport companies are now a reality. In the coming years, we will see the implementation of systems, each day more innovative that will make our lives easier.

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