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Logistics and Transportation With RCC Auto Transport Ltd

Truck Drivers: Myths and Reality About RCC Auto Transport Ltd

RCC Auto Transport Ltd was established in the United States in 2003. Over the years, RCC have grown to be a world class integrated logistics solutions provider in Miami and the United States at large, where they maintain a strong presence regionally as well as nationally.

RCC Auto Transport Ltd is a leading Auto Transport Services Company headquartered in Miami. The auto shipping company is widely known for providing specialized vehicle transfer services at very aggressive cost for transport anywhere in the state of Miami and the entire United States. RCC Auto Transport Ltd features the largest vehicle relocation and car shipping network in the industry.

RCC Auto Transport Ltd is a fully licensed and bonded company located at 20340 NE 15th Ct. Miami, FL 33179, RCC Auto Transport Ltd brings a wealth of experience and commitment in the shipping industry. With a specialty in vehicle transportation as well as consultation services throughout Miami’s most exceptional waterfront and across the entire country. The company’s unique ability in building and maintaining incredible working relationships sets them apart from others around them, delivering an experience rooted in integrity, expertise and customer service.

The company’s staff consists of sales professionals that take pleasure in their no hassle sales approach. They handle each customer like they would like to be treated. No scripted sales pitches, no pushy tactics to get customers’ money, and most importantly, the company works with customers regardless their budget, delivering an experience rooted in customer service, integrity and expertise. It is truly the company’s goal to get customers the best price possible and make shipping clients’ vehicles a pleasant experience. RCC Auto Transport Ltd values its customers’ businesses, offeringthem timely and friendly service at the best prices possible. Cognizant of the fact that anytime could be a car owner’s first time shipping their car, RCC Auto Transport Ltd have years of experience behind them. They only contract with trucking companies who are insured and approved by the FMSCA, providing fully insured door-to-door service for clients’ automobile in a timely fashion.

Logistics and Transportation with RCC Auto Transport Ltd

Serving businesspersons, traders and importers of goods (automobile), RCC Auto Transport Ltd is at the beck and call for anyone looking for the best transport logistics services in the United States. The company is easily amongthe most experienced companies that offer trucking services in the region, with a fleet of vehicles ofdifferent sizes, an attribute that places the company in a unique position to transport customers’ goods no matter how large or small they are.

RCC Auto Transport Ltd is at the disposal of new as well as used car dealers, auction organizers, auto financing companiesand individual car owners among others, offering transport and logistics services and providing hassle-free and state of the art experience during the auto transportation process. Using effective and efficient communication skills, attention to detail, time management and organization, RCC Auto Transport Ltd is always ready to bring their best self to the task, featuring a team of service professionals with years of training, experience and a positive attitude in order to get things done.
Attributes and beliefs that make RCC Auto Transport Ltd stand out

Transportation is one of the most important contributors to the economy of the United States. It istherefore a very crucial consideration for any business as enabled by the RCC Auto Transport Ltd. To the auto transport company, logistics and transportation is best defined as the practice of physically connecting clients’ businesses to their supply chain partners. This means that RCC serves to avail customers’ vehicles to their destinations through transportation services within Miami and outside the state of Florida. The company’s sound transport logistics reliably connects customers’ businesses to their stakeholders, including but not limited to suppliers and customers. As customers want to deliver goods in a timely yet cost-effective approach, RCC supports the prudence of talking to customers in good time.

With a reputable company such as RCC Auto Transport Ltd taking care of all your transport logistics needs, you can always rest assured of smooth business operations. This is motivated by the fact that serving customers at their speed is essential to RCC. For this reason, and many more, the last thing RCC wants is late deliveries that raise complaints amongst its customers.

As a key player in the auto transport, logistics and transportation industry, RCC understands the urgency of delivering goods to various clients. To this end, they work with speed to ensure that clients’ cargo move with speed. Transportation and logistics services in the United States are also meticulous as far as handling shipment is concerned. With the belief that you can increase the level of trust and commitment that customers have in your business by delivering their goods fast andconsistently, RCC has strategically aligned her operational processes with this outcome in mind. The company represents an unmatched desire to earn and secure customers’ confidence to pay for goods even before they are delivered, although they never ask for a down payment. This is the relationship that RCC Auto Transport Ltd wants to have with their clientele lest competitors steal business away from them.

Transport logistics services in the region are also procured in coordination with the customer. For example, the transporter can use vehicles with ample spacing if the cargo requires space. Examples are collectors’ pieces, classics and big military auto transport among others.

Safety during transportation is often a big consideration. This is especially true these dayssince terrorists and arsonists are keen to sabotage businesses. Luckily for customers, RCC Auto Transport can provide special security especially for the most valuable shipments. This is made possible by the fact that the company’s trucks and containers are built of heavy metal construction to discourage even the most devotedburglar. As clients mull over the best transportation option, consider its cost too. Ensure that you do notspend too much that you will incur losses or fail to make any profit. It is a fact that faster ordersare expensive than slower ones.Therefore, customers should pay higher for these to reimburse the cost of transportation. To takeadvantage of the all the above-mentioned advantages, engage RCC Auto Transport as it is amongthe leading transport logistics services in the United States.

Logistics strategies used by RCC Auto Transport Ltd

Transportation is a very key element of the logistics process and the supply chain which runs from vendors through to resellers and to the end users. It involves the movement of product, service/speed and cost which are three of the five key issues of effective logistics. It also impacts with the other two logistics-- movement of information and integration within and among suppliers, customers and carriers.A transportation strategy, to be effective in supply chain management, is not playing one carrier off against another. It is not beating down rates. Rather it is a way to respond to the dynamics of your business, its customers, suppliers and operation. RCC Auto Transport Ltd is a master in all these.

The strategy used by RCC, regardless of whether the product for transportation involves domestic or international, is however much more and recognizes--

Customer requirements

The supply chain run by RCC involves continuous and efficient movement of product from vendor to manufacturer to customer. This is motivated by the company’s transportation program, which reflects and meets the needs of the customer. The time and service aspects of transportation are also vital to RCC.

Shipments must move timely

This is also an integral element for RCC, especially in their efforts to meet customers’ need and demand for their shipments to be delivered as they require--on the date needed, by the carrier preferred, in the proper shipping packaging method and complete, both shipped complete and delivered complete and in good order. Being able to have a transportation program which can do this is what has enabled RCC’s efforts to achieve customer satisfaction while at the same time giving the company a competitive advantage.

Mode selection

This entails the way in which product moves around, i.e. by air versus surface? What roles do transit time play in your supply chain? How will the inventory and service impacts be measured as compared to the freight charges? These elements are all provided for in RCC Auto Transport Ltd’s mode selection and serve as a value addition for the company.

Carrier relationships

Cognizant to the fact that volume creates carrier/forwarder attention, even if you have no strategy, the number of carriers trying to meet with you will make you develop one. Infrequent shipping dictates another approach.The carrier attention with volume creates a competitive interest in RCC’s business. But there is another side of this company to this attention, wherein RCC does divide their business among many carriers. They do not do this for two reasons. First, with fracturing their business, RCC will be fracturing their negotiating or leverage position. Second, they will not be able to develop carrier alliances which they need to meet the supply chain service requirements. The company’s unique strategy in developing supply chain responsive programs has required effort by both the company and its relationships. Transportation has had to be responsive and able to create a competitive advantage for RCC Auto Transport Ltd. Doing this has meant a focus with a carrier--a relationship for the company.


This is another strategy employed by RCC Auto Transport Ltd, knowing how well the company’s strategy as well as their carriers are performing. In achieving this, the company uses two approaches. First, measuring, which simply means comparing performance against standards. What is the actual delivery to customer performance, on a macro basis, carrier and customer by customer basis? A macro measure can hide a problem even if the overall measure is good. And, with supply chain management, you are focusing on each customer and delivery location he has. Better than this, RCC Auto Transport measures their costs in efforts to make sure they are controlled. Where are you spending your transport dollars and how well? Freight cost data tied with sales and shipping data makes a great data base for RCC to budget and even manage costs. It provides data that enables RCC Auto Transport in her negotiations with customers, developing good freight costs for sales as well as accounting, for studies and other purposes.

Benchmarking for RCC, on the other hand, entails the company’s efforts in learning what other companies do--the best practices. Very often RCC does not conduct her benchmarking activities with companies within their industry. This is because competitors are not likely to share information. It is imperative to note that RCC believes in the principle that best practices are not the exclusive of one industry or company.

Regulatory impact

Regulatory changes can change, for better or worse, the strategy used by RCC Auto Transport Ltd. For example, the recent demise of the Interstate Commerce Commission eliminated a safety net for shippers, especially for small shippers. Shippers like RCC Auto Transport Ltd, among others, now work with carriers with whom they can develop contractual relationships which reflect the new transport world as to liability, freight class, rate changes, accessorial and other needs.Potential regulatory changes with the Federal Maritime Commission can also influence the auto transport strategy. For example, if there is real maritime deregulation, then steamship line conferences will lose their antitrust protection with setting rates and capacity. Shippers will not deal through or with conferences. Instead they will deal directly with steamship lines for service contracts and other needs.

Carrier mergers and alliances and closings

This is an important issue for RCC Auto Transport. In the fifteen years or so since motor carrier deregulation, there have been significant changes. Many carriers went out of business. Others changed their focus from truckload to LTL. New truckload carriers came into being.  Having analyzed what is happening within each mode of operation for RCC and having alignedtheir strategy with carriers that will still be viable in five years, a great strategy for RCC with a carrier who is taken over or goes out of business is never a good strategy. Now RCC have developed one with another carrier, even though it might take time.


Change is always an inevitable process even for RCC Auto Transport Ltd. It is not a question of whether or not it happens. The only question is how quickly it occurs. The company’s strategy is always ready to change. New customers. New products. New businesses. New suppliers. New corporate emphasis. Each of these have the potential to dramatically changeRCC’s strategy. Recognizing that change will occur, RCC is always maintaining an open ear and mind to other modes and carriers. Which changing times, so comes the need to adjust organizational strategy if at all one is to survive in an agile and dynamic industry such as the auto transport industry.

Nobody does Miami auto logistics and transport like they do. To get your free and quick logistics and transport service or quote from RCCAuto Transport Ltd, clickhttps://rccautotransport.com/ or give them a call at (877) 873-5512 or send an email to info@rccautotransport.com.  


Transportation is critical to logistics and supply chain effectiveness. It impacts throughout the key issues of logistics effectiveness and the global supply chain. To meet the dynamic requirements of the supply chain, RCC Auto Transport Ltd have set a dynamic strategy, wherein the organization remains responsive, both as to service and cost demands of their customers and for the company.The Miami based RCC Auto Transport Ltd is a reliable transport and logistics service provider with an unmatched ability to ship vehicles to the customers’ desired place. The company boasts of incredible customer service, an attribute that has contributed greatly to their success. Serving customers including new and used car dealers, auction organizers, auto financing companies, individual car owners and enterprises alike, RCC Auto Transport LTD makes sure to provide a hassle-free and 5-star worthy experience during the entire transportation process. The fact that RCC Auto Transport Ltd offers shipping services even for inoperable or unusual vehicles such as antique, classic and even collectible cars, while at the same time accommodating oversized cars sets them apart from others around them. As regards the vehicles which are inoperable, the customer is required to specify upon booking so that the company assigns a special carrier for that particular service.


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RCC Auto Transpor Best Car Transportation Everything was so easy the car info pick up and delivery. Moving vehicles is one of the most crucial parts of transportation Had no problems what so ever with the whole process. They are best at transporting vehicles. I highly recommend it to anyone who is trying to send their car to another state or city

Yair Knafo

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These guys were perfect, did a great job, was early and the best value out there!!

Ryan Shiver

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Great employees and customer service. Always willing to help out no matter what and great pricing. Thanks for. RCC Auto Transport

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This was our 2nd time using Auto Transport. They have a great team of people that assisted in our shipping of vehicles. We recommend them for your shipping.

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I have used auto transport twice for vehicles to from the company using this system. Really pleased with the level of service I have received. Staff have been very professional and accommodating. Last but not least, very competitively priced compared to other shipping companies. Would recommend without hesitation.

Alex Jhonn

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Excellent work, I'll hire again. Thanks

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